Best Google Chromebooks To Buy In India

chromebooks in india

Its 2015, now laptops are becoming outdated, so I thinked of writing an article about chromebooks, now for non-techies let me explain what are chromebooks? okay so the chromebooks are lightweight, cheap and thin devices looks same as a laptop but are totally different in configuration and software. The chromebooks runs on Google’s operating system, and are manufactured by several computer manufacturers like Acer, hp and Samsung.

The chromebooks are mostly for the people’s who works around 6-7 hours a day on their computer and are most helpful for professional people s because the operating system it runs google operating systems or chrome os. I will list three chromebooks in this post which are perfect for you, the budget will be Rs.22,000 to Rs.29,000. ok so let’s start, the first chromebook is of acer and below are specs.

1. Acer C720 Chromebook:

chromebooks in india

The acer C720 chromebook is a lightweight, portable and fast. The C720 runs on chrome os, the battery life of this chromebooks is around 6-7 hours but according to google it has battery life of 8.5 hours, as compared to a laptop its better in battery performance, a laptop gives around 2 hours of battery life and without a charger you can’t work.

The back panel of this chromebook is really smooth and very easy to put it in the carrying bag.

The Acer c720 is very fast in booting, it only boots up in 10 seconds, if we compare it with dell xps 13 laptop which boots in only 15 seconds, so its clear that these are fast. Now why they are so fast? so the answer is clear they are fast because the whole data of your device is saved on internet (google drive), that’s why it boots up fast.

Google is giving you free 100 GB of google drive storage for 2 year. All the useful apps like Gmail, YouTube, translate and list goes on are built-in so you can access them in minutes.

It has a new intel processor.
Now let’s talk about connectivity, for connectivity it has bluetooth 4.0, Full size HDMI port, 2 USB’s, VGA camera and built-in dual band wi-fi and 3G modem.

The price of acer C720 chromebook is Rs.20,213.

2. HP Chromebook 14:

chromebooks in india

As by the name Chromebook 14, it simply describes that its an 14 inch display chromebook designed by HP for google. On the HP Chromebook 14, you can watch the YouTube videos comfortably, not only youtube you can enjoy other video watching sites too.

The battery life if this chromebook is of 8 hours, but google is saying that it long lasts for 9.5 hours, it may be varied as per our usage, how many apps we’re running like that.

Its easier to carry, we can work more, fast. It boots up in 7 seconds. You got a virus protection service inbuilt for malwares.

In this latest chromebook by HP you got all the in built google services. The storage is of 100GB (google drive), as i explained above that google is giving 100GB free drive storage for 2 years.

For the connectivity features it has it has bluetooth 4.0, Full size HDMI port, 2 USB’s, VGA camera and built in dual band wifi and 3G modem.

The price of this HP Chromebook 14 is Rs.25,530. It is one of the best chromebooks in india .

3. Samsung Chromebook:

chromebooks in india

The samsung chromebook 1.1 KG 17.5MM thin chromebook designed by samsung. The battery life of this chromebook is 5 hours, according to google its 6.5 hours. The hardware is tough are lightweight, easy to carry and affordable.

This chromebook has 11.6 inch display as compared to HP chromebook 14, the chromebook has a display of 14 inch.

The Samsung chromebook has a samsung Exynos 5 dual core processor.

For storage it has 100 gb of free google drive storage provided by google for  2 years.

For connectivity it has built-in dual band wi-fi, 3G modem, VGA camera, HDMI port, and bluetooth 3.0.

The price of Samsung chromebook is also Rs.25,990.

4. LG Chromebase

It’s first-ever Chromebase all-in-one computer in India at a price of Rs 32,000. The device has 21.5” of Full HD (1080p) display. The best thing of chromebooks is that they boots up in seconds, yes it also Boots up in seconds. For storage, you’ll get 100 GB of Google Drive storage free for 2 years.

The price of LG chromebase  is Rs.32,000.

chromebooks in india

Which one you should Buy?

The chromebooks are for the persons who are professional, works more on computer and internet are made for them. These are not designed for gamers. If you want a portable device which you can carry anywhere, then you can buy any of them. But if we compare all the three chromebooks with each other, the HP chromebook 14 is good for you.

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