How To Get Rid of Spam Ads

Many famous advertisers runs  content monetizing program for publishers and advertisers too. Nowadays many advertisers are happily running these “Mom makes money from home” ads on so many sites even though they are scams. Actually just to attract visitors they runs any type of ads, these ads are fraud. Most of the people in india are unemployed and they are looking for jobs, once they see these type of ads they sign up and then the advertiser asks for the money first to invest. This is totally fraud and scam. The below image is one of the best example if  what I am trying to say.

enter site Tribal fusion scam ads On internet you already have seen many fake ads like this one. They first says you to spend some money and then flies off. Don’t trust on these scams ads, there’s no simple way to earn money. Earning money from internet is now possible but only with few trusted sites like google, flipkart, yahoo

These ads ‘mom makes money’ are totally fake, i will suggest you to not to click on these type of ads you see anywhere on internet.

If you hate these type of scam ads then use this google chrome extension to block all the ads, this extension will block facebook, google, yahoo ads and you’ll see blank space instead of the ads.

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