Best Adsense Ad Sizes and Placement Tips

When it comes to content monetization, there’s no one which can give some competition to adsense. The

contextual advertisements of ads are really loving, but a question comes in mind that where to place ads so that they can perform best and your revenue can be increased. In this tutorial i will focus on the best performing ad sizes.

Let me first tell you that, i have done replacements according to adsense support and my revenue is 80% increased. In this article you’ll get the experienced advice of an expert. First of all we’ll focus on the ad sizes that performs best.

There are many ad sizes, 160×600, 200×200, 325×50.

Best Performing Ad Sizes:

Real slots online for ipad 1. 300×250: This ad unit is known as medium rectangle. 2. 336×280: This ad unit is known as large rectangle.

3. 728×90: This ad unit is known as leather board.

4. 160×600: This ad unit is known as sky scraper.

5. 300×600: This is an larger ad unit.

Now, these five are best performing, and you can only place 3 ad units in one page, then how you’ll place all them in your site. Don’t worry we have the solution, but before i tell you that read where to place these ad units for best optimization. on iPhone

Where To Place?

1. 300×250: This ad unit performs best when it is placed below the fold, now what’s that? Below the fold means in simple its below the title as i have done in my site. This is because, when a visitor open’s your site on any mobile device of tablet, it will fit on the screen.

2. 336×280: This ad unit performs best when it is placed at the End of the Content. Blogger’s can place it at the end of post, same as in my site.

3. 728×90: This ad unit performs best when placed between the articles. You can also place it at the end of the site, near the pagination.

4. 160×600: This performs best in the sidebar.

5. 300×600: This also performs best in the sidebar.

Only 3 Ad Units Are Allowed Per Page?

Yes, we’ll respect the adsense policies and we’ll do everything according to policies. We’ll hide certain widgets on certain pages. Ok, what you need to do is this.

#1. Place 300×600 and 728×90 and 300×250 on the index page, hide the widgets on the certain pages like posts page, and put the 300×250 in the middle of the posts feed on the index page. Show these widgets only on the homepage.

#2. Run A/B Splits, means ad units will randomly show, For example -> Arun visited my site, at that time he saw a ad unit of 300×600 in sidebar and after sometime he readed another post on my site, at that time the ad unit will be 300×250. So that’s what we’re going to do. Use the code below and replace the pub id and ad units ID.

<script type="text/javascript">
google_ad_client = "PUB_ID";
google_variations = [
["display:inline-block;width:336px;height:280px", "UNIT_ID"],
["display:inline-block;width:300px;height:600px", "UNIT_ID"]
var google_style = Math.floor(Math.random() * 2);
document.write (
'<ins class="adsbygoogle" style="'
+ google_variations[google_style][0] + '" data-ad-client="'
+ google_ad_client + '" data-ad-slot="'
+ google_variations[google_style][1] + '"></ins>'
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

</script> <script async src="//"></script>

Many famous sites uses this. This is an authorized method by adsense (see here).

So in this way you can optimize your site. Please don’t tell your visitors that you have only ads to show.

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