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Google Adsense is an awesome and finest way to monetize your content. All you need is to respect the Adsense policies, great traffic, good content and its done.  In this guide I will explain you the procedure for checking your last login in your Adsense account. I don’t know will this trick help to someone or not, but I am writing because I know that. In the old Adsense design there was option in the top which shows the last login but then Adsense got an all new makeup, the last login feature is removed now, but still Adsense keeps all the records of your activity. There softwares and other things are superb. I founded a way to check the last login in your Adsense account.

Follow the steps below:

cheapest Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Enterprise #1. Go to your Adsense dashboard. #2. Click the right button of your mouse and open source code.

#3. Now, You’ll be able to see the source code of page, then Press CTRL + F ( This is a shortcut for finding the words in webpage).

#4. In the search bar, Enter Last, then you’ll see a code in which your last login will be mentioned. See the images or code below.

<meta name="gwt:property" content="syn.lastLogin=Last Login: 57 minutes ago">

In the above image you can see that I accessed to my Adsense account  57 minutes ago. In you way you can check every time the last login. This can be helpful for security of your account, may be your girlfriend accessed your google account? lol just kidding, anything can be possible.

I know some good adsense publishers which earns good money from Adsense because they follow all the guidelines issued by Adsense. Don’t focus on money, focus on content and just better content, it takes time to get on the top of search engines. I have written some tips to increase Adsense earning using a/b units, better placements, best performing ad sizes and some adsense tips that everyone can follow, a newbie and an oldie.

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