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Google Adsense is a top content monetizing network developed by google. It allows any website owner, YouTube partner, app developer etc to monetize their work and can get paid for clicks. Adsense uses cost per click technique to pay their publishers, they pay 21st of every month, google is perfect in paying money. If you haven’t received your postal verification letter by google and you are looking for how it looks? then this article might help you.

Adsense letter (Old design)
Adsense letter (Old design)

The above image is the Google Adsense pin verification letter, it has a google logo on the top right and below that there is an address of AdSense headquarters. Now let’s begin to the right side, there you’ll find the address of the sender. In the middle, receives address has been written, it contains your name, your address, state, pin code, country and your mobile number too.

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In 2016, Google changed its Adsense Pin verification letter design, they also added their new logo in this design. It looks great.
AdSense 2016 Design Pin Verification
AdSense 2016 Design: Pic by Koushik Das, Shared on Facebook

In India, the postal services are quite bad and slow, so if you haven’t got your pin letter yet then you need to wait for more few days and you’ll receive it soon. You can also go to your post office and enquire about the letter to post man that deliver in your area.

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