What To Do, If You are Not Selected In IIT-JEE?

As per rules by the education govt, now your Jee mains marks are considered for higher level education. The student who will score 110+ marks and will get 80%+ in the 12th class will get good colleges to study like the IIT’s, but what if a student didn’t get good marks in JEE or 12th class?  He’ll not get admission in good college, why? he’s also a student, he also studied. There is no student in this whole world who don’t study at the time of exams. I’m personally a madhya pradesh board passed student.

“IIT Does not matters, matters is your creative mind  and devotion to engineering”

This is not a tutorial, it’s just a useful advice to student. Let me first share my qualification, then we’ll discuss. I’m a 12th passed student and my age is 17. I am also not selected in Jee mains exam. My vacations are now going on and after one month i am going to take admission in one of the engineering colleges in madhya pradesh. I don’t know will i get a private college or government but I can say I will happy, because I have plans.

Jee mains

There are thousand of things to do, Let’s take an example -> a 7th class failed man created an airplane. Think by yourself and imagine, an engineer takes years and years to create that, also he takes the use of several machines, but a normal 7th failed student created it without using the resources. How intelligent he is?

If you have a great mind or not, you can still  use it for good works. Intelligence doesn’t matters, the main thing is to do something new so that it can be helpful for others.

Watch this amazing Motivational Video – IIT Doesn’t matters

“College is not important, Knowledge is”

IIT Doesn’t matters, Matters is your innovative mind and devotion to engineering.

  • Airtel CEO – not an IITian
  • Microsoft CEO – not an IITian
  • Nokia CEO – Not an IITian

There are thousands of People’s Who are doing great things without being an IITian.

If you are an IITian then listen, there are two types of students.

“One who are proud to be IITian, and other IIT Is proud to have them as “

Be the second one.

What you can do?

If you’re not selected in Jee, then go for private institutions. Once again take an example, Satya nadela, the CEO of Microsoft studied from manipal university, and now he’s at the world’s best software developing company. No IITian has the power to go there because satya is faithful and intelligent.

After 4 years, no one will ask from which college you completed your engineering, they will only see how much better You are in the respective courses.

“Do something, create something and share with everyone, what one man can invent another can discover”

https://kutabalinews.com/vegas-casino-quotes-ig48mr/ #1. Choose the subject which you really love.

https://www.mycomputererror.com/buy-understanding-adobe-photoshop-cs4-av38rnbs70/ #2. Don’t worry, if someone says you that “You’re a failure”. Just reply him -> yes I’m failure, but who are you? you’re not a god. Shut up.

#3. Focus on your subject and goal.

#4. Be simple, unique and respectful with everyone. If you respect me, simple i will respect you. That makes a relation more powerful.

#5. Fight with problems, don’t run away. Always remember we have only 325,000 days and 5525 days already passed, only  319,475 days remaining. Do everything what you can or not.


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  1. I have 1 year gap between 10th and 11th because I fall I'll.This year I passed the 12th now then my some elders asked me to join engineering collage while other asking to try once more jee mains exam.I m confused. What to do ,please suggest.if college then please recommend some to join.

  2. Hey Abhishek that's a really good blog up there and i mean it , i don't know where hell i am going in my life its all messed up . Firstly i know i am not going to score good in boards , secondly i have not scored in jee and Vit as well and my all hopes are with upsee and if i am not selected in it then what should i do.
    My father is confusing between two branches i.e. EC and mechanical(auto). Because he has a good reputation in EC he saying that he could give me good job and automobile is my dream but it doesn't have job guarantee . My head is getting heated with all this stuff this summer.

    1. Wait for a single minute and think what you really love. Do that. Because if you fail after 4 years of engineering, you'll feel very bad.

  3. Really inspired through your video .hello sir,recently I had given my 12 exam and waiting for the result .and I am very passionate about Internet and computers .i had created my own website http://www.indiagoonline.co.in for motivational views and inspiration.and I need your argument whether I continue or stop it.also my blog posts is not reaching to many people so please suggest me how I can increase viewers .

  4. Hi there !
    I got my vit result n before got my jee mains result and I haven't got selected in any one of them. What to do I have also tried in SRM too but the paper went same as vit so I think the result will be same "not qualified". What to do now .
    My mom says I should try in merchant navy because its the only option left for me. Or I should drop a year .

    I'm interested in automobile engineering to build engines for supercars . and can't see anything now .. Pls help me out here .

  5. but if i have not good economically condition for private enjeenering then what i do sir ?

  6. Really good article…
    #inspiring#thought provoki
    I have just appeared for mains 2015 ,it changed my thinking process and now whatever the result would come i will accept them with a big smile and move ahead….

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