How To Change Default Browser In Android

when you click any link in whatsapp or Gmail, the links automatically opens with opera mini or chrome browser. Well that happens when you choose any browser or application as a default application and the phone saves your settings I his memory,  so next time you click on links you’ll be automatically redirected to the default applications.

This change can be easily removed from the application manager tab in your Android phone. Below are the steps I followed to clear the default application.

Let’s say when you click on any link in Whatsapp it opens with Opera mini,  but aren’t interested in using opera and you love to get the list of all installed browsers in your phone. Like complete Task using Google Chrome,  UC Browser,  Mozilla Firefox etc. Follow the steps below.

Clear Defaults Apps In Android

Step #1. Open Settings in your Android and then choose Apps. The storage option can also be choose to go for the lists of all the applications in your mobile phone.

Clearing browser's default


Step #2. After choosing the apps,  you’ll get a list of all the downloaded,  running and as that are installed in your external SD card. Scroll down and Choose the application which opens in default when you do some task to perform.

Clear default in Google Chrome android

After you choose the application,  like in above screenshot you can see that I have chosen application as Chrome,  so there you’ll get options like uninstall,  Just scroll down and you’ll get option like Clear Defaults.

How To clear Defaults In Google Chrome android


Now you have cleared the default settings for the browser. You can check it now,  go open some links in whatsapp or instagram and share your views below in comments.

Tip: Daily turn off your Android phone once in a day,  it’ll clear all the tasks in the ram and will increase the life your smartphones.

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