How To Connect Keyboard To Android Device

Android has the highest number of users and they are now continually¬† increase with numbers, the android phones come with hundreds of features. We use those features but now days, Whatsapp, Facebook, twitter are the daily use of any android user. They access these sites to connect with number of friend’s on their social accounts. In this guide, we are going to learn how can we connect the external devices like pen drive, keyboard to the android phones, windows phones and to iOS devices too. Well, its really easy to connect the external devices to an a smartphone, just follow the steps below, but before we start we need some devices.

– Devices Required:

* OTG Cable: The OTG cable is a cable that connects the external devices with the smart phones, we can connect the USB of any devices in the otg cable gap and we can do whatever we want to connect.
* External Device: In external device we can take keyboard, pen drive, mouse, printer etc.

Connecting External USB Devices with a Smartphone

¬†#1. Buy a otg cable, it can be available in any computer store, or if you can’t find it just order it from online shopping sites like eBay, flipkart. They offer very cheap otg cables around of $1 (Rs.50). Always remember if you are buying otg cable from any store then first of all check it by connecting to your mobile phone, many phones don’t support the otg cables.
#2. We need external devices, so I have taken the keyboard as an external device, just connect the USB of the external device with the otg cable.
#3. Now if you device does not show any notification on the connection of otg cable then you need to download some android apps from the play store, well its easy just search “OTG” in the play store and you’ll find the app, just install it.
#4. Now to make the device work properly we need to change the some of the changes with our mobile system settings, as I am using keyboard as an external device so I will go to settings >> language & input >> choose keyboard type >> hardware and in this way it will start working.

Why I Use External Keyboard in my Mobile?

I am professional technology blogger but because i am just 17 year old so i am living out of my town and i don’t have my laptop in my hostel nowadays, so I decided to buy a external device and a otg cable and external device like keyboard. I write longer articles on my blog posts so it helps me to write and publish blog posts easily on my blog.
I hope you all liked this article if you face any problems while doing this, just shoot a comment below and I will help you.

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