How to Identify Songs Using Google Now On Android

There are thousands of android and ios applications which allows you to identify songs. They work fluently, buy do you know that after the update of Google now app, it can also identify songs. On Google every month around 110 people searches that “what is the app that can identify songs”. The Google now many awesome features. When you hear some tune of any old song you identifies it easily, the same happens with the Google now. To get started Follow the steps below.

#1. Open the menu list of your android phone and there you’ll find the Google app. The Google app and Google now, both are same apps.

#2. After opening Google now, you need to tap on the microphone symbol and then play the song or tune from your another phone or from a computer or laptop and Google now will tell you the name of the song.

Google Sound Search

When the application identifies the app, it display you a audio symbol. To listen the identified song again, just click on the audio symbol again and the app will tell you the name once again. There is a bad news for android users is that, this song realization feature doesn’t work in the iOS Google app.

To access the Google now features fastly, you can add a widget on your android’s home-screen. For this, you need to press the left key of your smartphone, there you’ll find widgets options, choose the voice search. There are no third party apps are required, but if have rooted your phone and you don’t have the app, then you can download it from here (Android 4.0 or later).

If this app doesn’t helps you, then you can try some more apps on android play store SoundHound, Track ID, Music Identifier.

With these apps you can easily the songs, hope this will help you for sure.

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