How To View Source Code of Webpage in Android Chrome

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The best thing I like about Android is that they give access to their root files to any user.  As Android is a Google service so they pre-installs the Google applications in the Android operating system. These applications cannot be uninstalled until you root your phone. Rooting is not a good process,  so I will not take on it. Till now Google has provided a lot of updates in the Google Chrome android app but still there Is no any built-in feature in Google Chrome which allows you to view the source code of any website.

In future chromium, team will obviously add a view source feature.  I have found an easy and simple way to see the code without using any application. In below points, I discussed both the ways,  the Application and non-application process.

View Web Source, Android APP

This is an android based application which will allow you to view the source code of any website/blog. The app also features Text-selection, search for text as well as copy and paste the HTML.

To get the source from the page you are currently viewing in the browser, you can now use the share feature from the menu and select View Web Source. You can download this application from the google play store. Download [View Source Code].

View Source Code Without Application #1. Open any Web page,  that you like to see the source code.

view source chrome #2. Now,  Click on the URL bar and edit it.

View-source Google Chrome android #3. Then point the cursor to the starting and add a short text before the URL.  You need to add view-source: in the starting and hit the enter button.


The URL will look like the above syntax and now you’ll be able to see the source code of any Web page, every time you need to add this text whenever you are interested in viewing the code.

View-source Google Chrome android

My favourite website is Web sniffer to view codes.  The best thing of this site is that it works on any browser, on any operating system it may be Android,  Symbian, IOS even it works well with non-Java supported phones.

There are Android applications that will help you to find the source code.  I Google’d and found some Android apps that perform these tasks.  The HTML Source Code Viewer And View Source. Well, I have not tried these apps personally, but maybe these will help you for sure. Do share your issues in comments.

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  1. The source code of any website can be easily seen from this but we can also use some online apps like the Web sniffer. The Google Chrome should add the source code feature the Chrome.

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