Indian Names Of All Android Versions

Android names

roulette quiz Android Devices are open source, simple and cheap. There are millions of apps, inbuilt support for flash etc. The android names are made alphabetically eg. Cupcake, donut, eclair and goes on. A person on Quora recently asked If Google were an Indian company, what would be the names of Android versions?. Below are Indian names of 11 android versions launched till now.

Android names
  • Android cupcake:                            Android ChamCham
  • Android Donut:                                 Android Doodhpaak
  • Android Eclair:                                 Android Emarti
  • Android  Froyo:                                Android Faluda
  • Android  Gingerbread:                    Android GulabJamun
  • Android Honeycomb:                      Android Halwa
  • Android Icecream Sandwich:        Android IceCream
  • Android Jellybean:                           Android  Jalebi
  • Android Kitkat:                                 Android  KajuKatli
  • Android Lollipop:                              Android Laddos

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