How to Share PDF Files via WhatsApp Now users can share PDFs via WhatsApp. Yes! You heard it correct! WhatsApp has introduced a new feature on Android & also on iPhones which allow users to share documents which were not available before. So, Now you will be able to send and receive PDFs using new ‘Documents’ feature. And they have offered a new facility on iPhones which allows users to share images over other apps using WhatsApp. This article will take you through the process of sharing pdf files on WhatsApp.

Let me  explain how it works:

sexin womenfreesite If you haven’t got this feature already you will need to update your WhatsApp application.

here Now users can share PDFs via WhatsApp

You can get document sharing feature by pressing attachment sharing button.

Now users can share PDFs via WhatsApp

Now users can share PDFs via WhatsApp

On Android devices, it will show the list of  PDF files locally stored on your device. Select the file you want to share. If will show a confirmation dialog as shown above. When You will click on send it should start sending immediately. After sending is complete it will also show a number of pages of the file you just sent. On iPhones, WhatsApp will also allow you to attach files from other storage apps like Google Drive & Dropbox.

For many users, The update is available now  to download. If you haven’t got this update yet. Wait a little bit. It should be available for everyone very soon.

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