How To Make a Full Width Page In Blogger

Blogger is the first choice by any writer, there are many reasons, as its free and according my knowledge, blogger can generate a double traffic for then wordpress. In this how to guide i will explain you the steps for making full width pages in blogger. These full width pages works on the CSS module, CSS can do anything and simply this will also help us this time.

What we’re going to do?

As i said above that we’ll use css tricks for hiding the sidebar from the blogger pages and we’ll not only hide it, we’ll also expand the width of main blog page, without creating any problem, its very easy because i’m giving you code that you’ll place in your static pages.

Main profit of Hiding Sidebar in Pages

Do you the biggest profit of hiding sidebar is that, your adsense ads will be hided from the sidebar of contact pages, term pages and about pages, according to adsense policies its not allowed to put adsense on contact pages, terms pages or 404 pages. Now let’s do it.

Hiding Sidebar in Static Pages in Blogger

#1. Login to your blogger dashboard.
#2. Now, edit your your page.
#3. Ok, now click on HTML.

#4. After clicking on HTML, go to end of the page, see the screenshot below!

#5.  Below is the code, copy it and paste it below the content.

<style>.sidebar {

display: none !important;


#midsidebar-wrapper {

display: none !important;


.container_6 .grid_4{

width: 98%!important;

float: left;

margin: 0;

.post {


Note: The sidebar style i used in above code works for my template, please change the class of sidebar, for that see your source code of the website or use the google console box. Either comment below, i will tell you.

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