The Good Things and Bad Things About Micromax Yu Yureka

Micromax Yureka

The price of Yureka is Rs.9000 and the features are totally fantastic. The phone comes 5.5 inches of display. It is powered by 1.5Ghz of processor with 2GBof RAM. It runs on the Cyanogen OS 11. If we talk about the camera, then Yureka has 13 megapixel of camera. The internal storage is 16GB and Battery is of 2500maH. So these are some specifications, below are some prons and cons of Micromax yu yureka.

#1. Comes with Cyanogen OS, The Cyanogen is Android Reloaded, Rescaled


smartphone under 10000


#2. Will receive more frequent updates, than android itself





#3 .Comes Rooted, So play hell on your phone, without worrying about warranty

Now if you don’t know how root is helpful to you, then in an normal android device, you are not allowed to uninstall apps like Gmail but when the phone becomes rooted, all limitations removes, you’ll be able to do anything .

Yureka Back panel

#4. 2GB Ram, Big Screen (5.5 Inches), 1.5Ghz processor at an affordable price.

Its an great smartphone, but if you don’t want to buy yureka you can try the new Micromax canvas juice .

Micromax Yureka

#5. Free DoorStep Service Till Warranty Period

Micromax is a bad service provider but as it’s a joint venture of two companies, so they are going to offer you home services.



 Why You Should Not Buy Yureka

#1. Bad Battery Life


The phone is overall awesome and you should consider buying it, the only bad thing is battery, if you are using it continuously, then the battery will drain. The features are also great at this low price. The design is pretty good. The sound quality is bad due to low-quality speakers. Overall, Its a great phone

The price is Rs.9000, you should consider buying some Chinese batteries.

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  1. Good, Bad About Micromax YU Yureka .. Yureka is a GD nd nd??? I'm bhout this mobile 2days back…….

    1. Rooted phones don't have any limitations like you can uninstall Google + but on a non rooted you can't do that.

      1. Yep…u can uninstall any preloaded app…on rooted phone
        Root makes ur phone jailbroken

  2. some of my friends bought this phone n already returned the yu coz of no internet connectivity n low quality of speakers n auto reboot n etc… can anyone tell me should i buy this cell or not coz im a big fan of cyanogen n the specs are also awesome

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