Top Digital cameras available in India under 5000 INR

When it comes to snaping memories and sharing them to friends, families and to others there could be no other choice than a good digital camera. The time and generation and the trend has all changed. It’s now all about taking selfies sharing them on the social media getting likes and attention. And for those all you need is a good camera. Cameras provide the memories of your best moments of life by capturing them. The market of digital cameras have enriched a lot in the last couple of years. The all new trend of making pictures and photographs of the best moments of their lives and the trend is same all across the globe. The youth liking to keep a lot of memories through photos in this era.

As you know there are tons of brands, tons of advertising about numerous digital cameras in the world. But as per the budget has concerned in this article I’ll be writing about top Digital Cameras available in India under 5000. As per the budget you can’t expect a world – class photography experience but you know things that gonna work is the main criteria here.

1. Nikon coolpix L25

Starting with the Brand Nikon, this brand improvised a lot from couple of years. You see a lot of funky colours, new eye-catching catching design and also good advertising too.


The latest trendy Nikon model is the Coolpix L25 that captures the best moments in the pictures with the 10.1 MP camera and motion blur reduction technology is also built in. it has the optical zooming capacity of 5X with the 3 inches LCD size and Hi-Speed USB support. Internal memory of this camera is about 20 MB and offers a long lasting battery too.

2. Canon Powershot A1200

Next in this list , the newly designed camera from Canon that comes in with multiple colors of black and silver. Canon PowerShot includes 12.1 MP cameras that captures 28 mm wide picture, with 2.7 inches screen, with the 18 MB internal storage and it has the ability of optical zooming up to 4X with the face detection technology. The camera also offers the long battery time of almost 8 hours of playback.


3. Fujifilm Finepix AX300

The new digital camera for the ideal photography is FinePix from the Fujifilm. The camera allows the easy user interface for the users. With the 14 megapixel camera also with advanced options like the image sensors and the face and smile detection technology is also built in.

The camera has 5x optical Zooming lens.It also offers the continuous shooting with the support of class 4 card.

4. Sony Cybershot DSC S5000

Next up in this list is the from the renowned Japanese Company, Sony. This digital camera offers 14.1 megapixel cameras that have the ability of optical zooming up to 5 x.This one of the most impressive models that have fair enough pointing and shooting capacity with the face detection technology.71B2Md0fggL._SL1200_

It also offers 4 different picture effects with the auto mode. As the brand name concerns you can rely on this but stay tuned for some more digital cameras than comes within the budget.

5. Olympus Stylus VH-200

Next in our list Olympus Stylus VH-520, a mouthful name offers a decent sort of photography. Enriched features like 14MP camera with 3 inch of display & 1/2.3 inch CMOS sensor available here along with 1/2000 sec Max Sutter Speed.


Sounds too good for this budget but let’s take a look at all other features this budget digital camera offering Red Eye Reduction and Face detection are very attractive to have. HDMI, AV output & USB cable all supported with this budget oriented camera.

6. Panasonic Lumix DMC- XS1


This is very much stylish & compact digital camera within the budget surpringly it offers a 16.1MP camera with 1/2.33 inch LCD sensor. Lumix DMC-XS1 sports a 2.7 inch of display , 1/1600 Max Shutter speed is offered with this Stylish Panasonic Lumix DMC- XS1. Other features like Continuous shots , AV output , USB cable & Microphone are all supported.

7. Nikon Coolpix L30


It’s Nikon taking all the attentions with its cool looking cameras with decent quality of photos. A 20.1 MP of Camera with auto Focus & CCD sensor. A 3 inch of display sounds good enough if you just mind the tight budget if just 5000 INR. Along with its about 164gms in weight. So comparing all these you really can’t ignore this Coolpix L30 if you are looking for a decent digital camera.

8. Coolpix L29

It’s coolpix with so many of varieties and nice looking cameras taking place in this list. The L29 is nothing sort of any decent camera with specs like 16.1 MP of Camera along with CCD sensor. The camera sports a 3 inch of display. The focal length of this L29 is 4.6 – 23 mm. All of these advanced feature packed camera is available within a budget of 5000. The coolpix L29 weights at just 160 gm by making it not bulky.


As I just early mentioned the importance of a fair enough digital camera in our time this is very needless to say that you should not be getting one with decently priced and also with good quality of photos. Having that said, these are the list of a bunch of good digital cameras within the budget of 5000 INR. Have a nice one.

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