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College is not Important, Knowledge is

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); IIT Doesn’t matter, Matters is your innovative mind and devotion to engineering.… Read the rest Read More »

What is MHL Cables? A Brief Explanation on MHL, Features & Price

It may be bit pretty because many techies will be talking about MHL!… Read the rest Read More »

How Mobile Phone Vibration Works?

Have you ever noticed how your smartphone vibrates?… Read the rest Read More »

How to Edit PDF Files without Adobe Acrobat

Everyone knows about the PDF file format which is one an essential file format used for sharing documents.… Read the rest Read More »

Examples of Hypocrisy In India

Most of the Indians are hypocrite, hypocrite means double Talkers.… Read the rest Read More »

What To Do, If You are Not Selected In IIT-JEE?

As per rules by the education govt, now your Jee mains marks are considered for higher level education.… Read the rest Read More »

Bored From Facebook? Here are Some Interesting Websites To Visit

Interesting sites
Bored from Facebook, twitter, Instagram, YouTube and now looking for something that can really entertain you, then you are at right place.  … Read the rest Read More »

Increase Your Website Traffic With These 10 Tips

By Getting traffic on newly website is quite tough but always remember,  the people’s who today gets million hits on their website also started from scratch. … Read the rest Read More »

How to Save Your Smartphone Battery

The more apps you use, the more your phone’s battery will be consumed.… Read the rest Read More »

Right Time to Prepare For IIT JEE

JEE mains quotes
Recently a person on Quora  asked a question that when is the best time to prepare for JEE.  … Read the rest Read More »

Difference Between Dream and Aim

Mark Zuckerberg aim was to make a social site that can change the way of connectivity.… Read the rest Read More »

How To Clean Scratches From Mobile Screen

So you purchased a latest smartphone and you have longer nails, and after a week you got scratches on your mobile screen, now how you’ll remove them?… Read the rest Read More »

How To Get Rid of Spam Ads

Many famous advertisers runs  content monetizing program for publishers and advertisers too.… Read the rest Read More »

Best WordPress Permalink Structure For Your Posts

WordPress is the best blogging platform with thousands of features, plugins and simplicity.… Read the rest Read More »

Best Ways To Pass The JEE-Mains and JEE Advanced

Recently IIT team changed the selection process in india, now you need to qualify JEE-mainsto get admission in any engineering college in india and if you get good marks in mains, then you will be qualified for JEE-advanced.… Read the rest Read More »

Must Have Email Addresses In Address Book

Thousand of websites and thousand of emails, nowadays approximately most of the sites has thier buiseness email’s but some popular sites, sites that we use in our daily need offer fantastic services via email, for example converting text to pdf with email and so many other services.… Read the rest Read More »

Best Adsense Ad Sizes and Placement Tips

When it comes to content monetization, there’s no one which can give some competition to adsense.… Read the rest Read More »

Five Easy Ways To Remember Passwords

Thousand of website and thousand of passwords.… Read the rest Read More »

Abhishek Mishra, a Technology Blogger From India

Who is Abhishek Mishra, Short Info: New readers, Hello I’m abhishek mishra, Founder of Daily Blogs.… Read the rest Read More »