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College is not Important, Knowledge is

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); IIT Doesn’t matter, Matters is your innovative mind and devotion to engineering.… Read the rest Read More »

This Video Will Clear Your Doubts Regarding Freedom 251

Freedom 251
There are too many people who have too many doubts regarding Ringing bells freedom 251 phone, Is it a scam or is this real?, Well a YouTuber Jay Kapoor has made a 2 minutes video which will answer your all the questions regarding this phone.… Read the rest Read More »

Funny Video on Radhe Maa and Nirmal Baba

Funny video on radhe maa
Trend is changing a lot and very soon we’ll get our new “Babas” and our new “Maa’s” and they’ll be the motivational speakers, well I have no issue with those speakers..… Read the rest Read More »