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College is not Important, Knowledge is

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); IIT Doesn’t matter, Matters is your innovative mind and devotion to engineering.… Read the rest Read More »

The Success Story of Snapdeal : E-commerce website

Snapdeal one of the most trusted e- commerce website in New Delhi, India.… Read the rest Read More »

Top Sites for Downloading Free and Best Facebook Cover Photos

Facebook cover & Profile picture are important for anyone.… Read the rest Read More »

Create Custom Redirect Using Meta Tag and JavaScript

The custom redirect will redirect your blog to a new address, it’s an simple tag that can be placed anywhere in the HTML or php file.… Read the rest Read More »

Bored From Facebook? Here are Some Interesting Websites To Visit

Interesting sites
Bored from Facebook, twitter, Instagram, YouTube and now looking for something that can really entertain you, then you are at right place.  … Read the rest Read More »

Best Ways To Check RGPV Exam Results Faster!

Tips and Tricks to View RGPV Result Faster with the help of various apps and websites.… Read the rest Read More »

How To Earn Money From Fiverr

Fiverr is an online selling and buying site, here you can hire anyone for doing your work in only 5$ (Rs.300).… Read the rest Read More »

How To Unpack CSS Stylesheets

The stylesheets we use in our websites are of two types, one which are pre installed by the theme developer and other is the stylesheet which is customly created by us.… Read the rest Read More »

Five Tools For Creating Free Mobile Website

Website’s are now an important part of an business.… Read the rest Read More »

How To Watch Aaj Tak Live Streaming

There are now more than 600+ news channels in the Indian television industry and around 300 are registered news channels, the competition has increased and new channels are covering the market.… Read the rest Read More »

How To Add Alexa Widget Manually?

The all new Alexa design and the old Alexa tool.… Read the rest Read More »