My Favourite Chrome Extensions That are Useful

most useful chrome extensions

The Google chrome extensions makes our life more and more simple. There are millions of extensions some relates to news, some offer online gaming but very few of them are useful. I rarely add extensions in my Google chrome but In my daily life I use some extensions which really makes my online life easier. So without taking a lot time, lets fly to the list of most useful chrome extensions.


The buffer extension allows you to share any photo, webpage, link on any social network within few clicks. It really makes my life easier. Whenever i browse internet i see a lot of lovely images but it’s almost problematic to share them on social it’ll consume around 15 minutes and will distract my mind.

To make this all easier I use buffer extension. This extension now allows Facebook, twitter, google+ (Page only), LinkedIn etc. It does not allows to post on instagram, but it allows to post on fb and twitter which is very helpful. You can download this chrome extension from the google extensions home. Buffer also offers android and IOS apps.


Most of you know adblock extension. It simply hides all the ads from your browser. It helps me a lot and simply hides the cheap Facebook ads from my browser. I hate the Facebook ads, the reason is that first of all they are not related to my content in any way.

Many under garment companies are promoting their products on Facebook, they don’t care that these ads are also seen by the small teens, parents, uncles, aunties. All they need is money. So I prefer adblock, it makes the Facebook sidebar clean.

useful chrome extension

Web Rank

The web rank extension easily grabs all the data about a website which we are visiting now. The extension shows you the page rank, Alexa rank, back links, twitter, Facebook, and g+ share. It also have features of viewing the directly. It makes very easier to find out all the details of any site, you don’t need to go at Alexa to check what’s the rank of this site. Directly in your browser.


This extension allows you to read the webpage very simply. It offers a small button in  right side of URL, click on that button and it’ll show you the current page without any clutter. This really makes easy to read web pages, articles, news.

It also features custom backgrounds and font options. Choose the best font you really feel to awesome.


The what font chrome extension helps the web developers for finding the font used in the site. For example you want to know which font is Time website uses, then simply click on F icon and it’ll display the font used in that website.


This is an amazing extension, it features Unblocking of  websites. Encrypts your browser traffic. WiFi & Hacker protection. Zen Mate is free, easy to install and use!. You can also hide your location by using this extension.

most useful google chrome extensions


Awesome, super extension for auto filling. Sometimes we fill a long form and due to some error we again need to fill that long form, the Lazarus extension makes it easy. It auto fills all your form and you can make changes if you think this might be wrong.

useful chrome extension


The Blur extension allows you to secure all your personal information online. Its Better than a password manager. The extension makes it easy to keep track.

useful chrome extensions


The best extension, its one of my Favorite extension, the best part of grammerly is that, it’ll imporve your English. If you write any wrong sentence, grammerly automatically detecs and gives you suggestion on how to improve English and your sentence.

most useful chrome extension

Send From Gmail

useful google chrome extensions

The send from gmail extension is developed by the google chromium team. It allows you to compose emails quickly from any page you are on.

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  1. Excellent collection of extensions. I use Safari a lot on my Mac but do have Chrome installed. Perhaps these extensions will make life easy particularly with " blur" which can probably replace my Appple Key chain.
    Am going to try and see.
    Was only a Chrome user before moving to Mac, and found no need for another browser.
    Maybe I will use again. There are a few other advantages I like.
    Thank you,
    Nicolas Rao

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