How To Unpack CSS Stylesheets

The stylesheets we use in our websites are of two types, one which are pre installed by the theme developer and other is the stylesheet which is customly created by us. The pre installed are well optimized and are added propely in a file but the css file we customly create are badly optimized. The well optimized codes are also helpful in better search engine rankings.

The clean css codes also looks great and we get comfortable to read them. In this guide we’ll talk about how can be uncompress our cascaded stylesheets and make them awesome and clean.

CSS Unpacker makes our work quite easy. It cleans the file, and puts each code on each line with proper parameters. it doenot has the option to directly give the file url, so you need to copy the css code of your bad css coded file and put that in the first box and click on submit. Choose the light or heavy option according to the size of css file.

The most attractive thing of CSS unpacker is that they clean the files of other sites but personally they don’t have a css file. You’ll onnly find the raw HTML in the CSS unpacker site.

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