Five Easy Ways To Remember Passwords

Thousand of website and thousand of passwords. Remembering all the passwords is really difficult. We can’t make same passwords on all sites there is always a pin of hacking. So what you’ll do? I collected some useful and easy ways to remember our all passwords and if we forget them. No need to reset. This tutorial is totally based on remembering passwords.

#1. Create Lists and Add Unusual Names Create lists of social networking sites like facebook and twitter, In these lists add the peoples who have usual names or you can also add the peoples from your friend list. To create a stronger passwords from these lists, pick out the most unusual name and added my birth year to it and use it for everything. It always gets high security grades for a good password ( Oh and I capitalized the first letter) If you think that you’ll will forget it, which you won’t, Just go to the people on here I follow and find it. This way you have an unusual name, capital letters, and numbers.

#2. Storing Them In Excel Spreadsheet

follow url Saving your passwords in the spreadsheets and then uploading them to dropbox is an easy way to save them. Most of the companies in USA uses this method and they really feel reliable by getting their passwords. Most of the govt agencies creates their account on more than 60 sites and its totally problematic to remember them. Its better to save them. If you’re using your personal computer to save those passwords then its ok but if you’re on any cyber cafe pc, school computers or govt computers then always put passwords on the folder in which you’re saving the passwords.

#3. Use Apps To Store Your Passwords

What human can’t do, apps can do and what apps can’t do humans can do. Simply if you can’t remember your passwords then lets apps to do that. There are some free apps which stores your passwords and autofills wherever necessary.You can use the apps like Norton Identity safe, Password Genie. Also there are some premium apps like Last Pass,  Android and iOS users can try Password Genie apps (Android) and For iOS .

#4. Use Your Phone Number, Name and Zip Code Mix Up

The Mixup pass of Phone numbers, names and pin codes are hard to break and they’re easy to remember. Whenever you forget your password just remember your pin, name and number. For creating an rememberable password. Mix it Like. Phone Number+Pin Code+Name = 94249706+471001+abhishek. Its done. Isn’t this easy?

#5. Sign Up Using Social Sites

Most of the sites are now allows you to sign up using the twitter and facebook accounts. This is an really awesome way to login. Its easier and fast. Just use your account and you’re logged in. They also fetch up your facebook/twitter profile picture, so there’s no need to add a new picture again.

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