10 Must Have Basic Engineering Skills

engineering skills

So you want to be a successful engineer, right?  Off course I’m right that’s why you are reading this blog post.  Everyone has some unique skills that makes him different from others and if we some more skills than we can be a successful engineer. It doesn’t matters of what branch you are,  every Engineering student or an engineer should must have

engineering skills

Basic Skills Every Engineer Should Have

I doesn’t matters of what branch you are,  these are for all engineers and engineering students.

#1. Public Speaking: This is the first and most important point. Not only an engineer but every one should have this skill. Public Speaking,  the words looks simple and very easy to understandable. Speaking between a group,  or in a hall. This opens up the mind of engineers and makes him more comfortable to speak. It’ll help to share your views with number of Peoples and if you gave an awesome speech then you can win the hearts of many people’s and can become start in front of them.

Nowadays it’s mostly used by the people to motivate others or as a leadership strategy. Participate in debate,  argue with others and bargaining is also type of public speaking. On Priston website I found a really amazing article about public speaking,  you can have a look at this article on Princeton.

#2. Time Management :  Let’s take  an example,  you daily woke up early 6 am in the morning and the at 7 am you leave to your school or college,  after college you come to home,  take your food and the routine goes on.  BUT What if you woke up 8 am in the morning,  your all routine will be choked,  your college will be missed.

Engineers are already good at this point,  all we need is to improve our self. Dividing time for specific tasks can help us to do more things. Use time properly.

Time is more than Money”, if you are wasting time in conversations and not being real on your actions, it’s a sheer wastage of time!

#3. Money Management : The month is going to over and you didn’t receive the monthly income yet? And only little money left in your bank account now how you’ll manage the remaining days.

That’s why an engineer should have the skill of managing time properly. It’s really important where to spend money and How to save money. Use money properly, in things that can help you achieve more success. For more better knowledge of the  management checkout this article Beginners Guide for Money Management.

Money Makes Money

#4. Presentation Skills: Recently I wrote a blog post about the Salary Of Civil Engineers in that article I explained that a person with technical skills is better than a person with only degree.  You should always have the knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint (Tips to Create Awesome PowerPoint Presentation) or Latex. You should always know how to analyze data,  making graphs with PowerPoint,  creation of slides to present your project.  If you got the job in any multinational company then the staff or the boss will say you to represent project using the slides,  so it’s a must need skill.

#5. Internet Surfing: First of all 2 minutes of silence for those who open Google.Com from the Chrome ‘s homepage. Oh!  Man that’ s very bad,  I have seen a lot of people’s who call themselves the “Computer Genius” and they open Google.Com site to open Google from the chrome search bar!  That’s not good. Google already provides the one page each from its new tab.These are basic technical knowledge.

Stop searching on Google that,  why your mobile heats or what’s the best ways to save smartphone battery.  Stop using Facebook whole day,  read some more interesting topics on the Internet you can visit useful sites when you feel you’re bored.

#6. English and Formal Writing: I am 17-year-old now and  I have two blogs and two Web Apps.  Let’s talk about blog,  I use to write daily article on my tech blog and really it has improved me a lot. You should consider reading some Good books that’ll help you to write better and also you can buy some book like Writing In Journalist Style from online shopping sites like flipkart and Amazon.

Use Grammerly Chrome extension, It’s a best spell checker and grammar correction tool.

There really many people’s who write letter and they use words that are used in social media cat’s mostly like LOL, we’ll you should not use these words while writing formal letters.

improve english

#7. Public appearance: It’s about personality,  there are lots of tutorials a viable over the Internet like how should speak or behave publicly. You can try these 3 Ways to improve your personality.

Be LIKE Sugar,  Not like Potato

The above quote is the best example of public appearance,  when a sugar goes in water,  it disappears after few minutes but when a potato goes in water nothing happens. You should become like sugar and should always mix with the atmosphere you are living in.

#8. Computer and Technical Knowledge : I have seen lot of engineering students don’t even know how to start a computer or how to open c++ program.  That’s very bad. A person should must have these technical knowledge. Nobody needs a person who only knows about books a nothing else,  you should always have knowledge of how to fix a computer.

#9. Become a Freelancer: Freelancing, means doing things for free.  Yes if you have very good knowledge of any specific things then you should share it with public. You skills can be helpful to others and that’ll increase your friends and popularity in the University.

#10. Coding:  Coding is like maths, it forces your mind to make ideas. Every engineer should know how to write codes, it can be any type of code, HTML, Java, C++ etc. There are plenty of websites for learning that’ll help you to write codes online.

Don’t just download the latest app, help redesign it. Don’t just play on your phone, program it. — Obama.

I hope these blog post on engineering skills really helped you guys,  share your views in the comments below.  Good luck.

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