Best Ways To Pass The JEE-Mains and JEE Advanced

Recently IIT team changed the selection process in india, now you need to qualify JEE-mainsto get admission in any engineering college in india and if you get good marks in mains, then you will be qualified for JEE-advanced.

The various IIT’s in india are:

1. Indian institute of technology, Kanpur.

2. Indian institute of technology, Kharagapur

3. Indian institute of technology, Delhi

4. Indian institute of technology, Mumbai.

5. Indian institute of technology, Madras.

6. Indian institute of technology, Roorkee

7. Indian institute of technology, Guwahati

8. Indian institute of technology, Rajasthan

9. Indian institute of technology, Punjab

10. Indian institute of technology, Hydrabad

11. Indian institute of technology, Gandhinagar

12. Indian institute of technology, bhuvaneshwar

13. Indian institute of technology, indore

14. Indian institute of technology, mandi

15. Indian institute of technology, varanashi, mandi.

These are the most re-owned institute offering engg. degree. IIT-JEE is the most prestigious engg. entrance exam at 10+2 level in India.

Examination pattern:

1. Three objective type papers of physics, chemistry and maths are conducted on the same day.

2. Papers are conducted to judge the comprehensive, analysis, mathematical skills of the students.

3. The papers pattern is keep on changing so no specific patterns can be predicted before the examination.

How To Crack?

1. If you really love engineering by heart and want to do something innovative & devotive to the growth in science & development then only you can be the part of IIT’s.

2. If you don’t know the answers then tick all the boxes of one side. for example:

Que.1- A



and goes on. By this way you can achieve minimum 150 marks.

3. Hard-work, learn and prepare the

Main topics.

Maths – Algebra, trigonometry, analytically geometry, integral calculus and vectors.

Chemistry- Gaseous and liquid states, atomic structure and chemical bonding, energetic, chemicals, equilibrium, etc.

Physics- Mechanics, optics, wave nature of light, modern physics.

So i tried to share my views, hope you’ll take some knowledge and always remember Hard-work is the real key to success.

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