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Thousand of websites and thousand of emails, nowadays approximately most of the sites has thier buiseness email’s but some popular sites, sites that we use in our daily need offer fantastic services via email, for example converting text to pdf with email and so many other services. This whole article is a collection of most useful email addresses and you must have to save these email addresses in your address book, so here we goes.

#1. Your-secret-code@facebook.Com

Every facebook account offers `post by email’ option, with this you can publish statuses, photos to your facebook account. To get your secret email code, go to your facebook account settings >> email >> post by email. There you’ll find your secret facebook, publish post by email code.

#2. Pdfconvert@pdfconvert.Me

Bonus casino high rollin top Pdf files are one of the finnest way for sharing data, the biggest advantage of pdf files is that no changes can be made by a user once wrapped, that’s why most govrnment sites uses these files. for example ->

#3. Your-secret-key@m.Youtube.Com

follow url Youtube offers `post videos by email’ feature, with this you can easily upload videos to your youtube account. Email sended to this address (+attached secret key) will upload videos to your account.

#4. Your-secret-key@post.Wordpress.Com

If you own a web blog and its powered by one of the best blogging platform, wordress then this `post by email on wordpress’ will be really helpful. Your wordpress secret key is available in the settings tab of wordpress site. when you’ll send email to this address then the email title will be considered as post title and email body will be the post/article body.


when you send email to the above email by adding your flickr account secret key then that mail which has a photo attacted sended by you will publish images to your account.

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