Reality of Engineering in India

Well engineering is not an overrated in india, actually it’s underrated. I would keep it simple, because India does not produce any Engineers, she produces lots of degree holders.

According to the survey done by nasscomm

  1. Number of doctors India produce every year = 70,922
  2. Number of engineers India produce every year = 16,83,000 (around)

It all starts with 11th class when a student have to choose the subjects for his career, he fortunately chooses maths and physics because

1. I (as a student) used to hate biology (friends will think that I’m interested in girls, that’s why I have taken bio)

2. Everyone (including me) used to think that arts and commerce is inferior to science.

3. Fortunately or unfortunately I used to get good marks in Maths and Science, newton laws helped me a lot bit dear you can’t make a aircraft with just newton laws, you need a lot of knowledge.

so now let’s talk about the 4 years of journey in engineering. In First year, we don’t focus on studies and keep traveling to local places, when second year comes, we say our parents that I want a laptop, and instead of c++ programming we starts downloading movies from torrent. The third year comes now, most of the students starts to join GATE coaching in 3rd year. When we are in final year, we feel that we have done nothing in last year’s, what we are going to do in this year too.

4 year passes and we just got baba ji Ka thullu, student ban gaya ullu 

The biggest reasons behind the scenes in decreasing value of Engineering in India:-

1. Lack of Career Counselling: If not medical, it is Engineering. Students don’t even know that there are other career options available for them.

2. False job security: There is a notion that Engineers will get job, as soon as they pass out, even before that. This dream,leads to the crowd being attracted there.

3. Parental/Peer/Sibling Pressure: Many parents force their children on this stream. I’ve seen many friends of mine, who have come to the college, only for the sake of their parents. 

Mistake of students 

What we should do? 

We should not run in the race of marks, we should run in the race of knowledge.

What We are doing? 

We are running for marks not for knowledge.

Knowledge is nothing until you implement it in our real life. 

College Dropout Fever

  • Steve Jobs dropped out of Reed College and built Apple.
  • Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard and founded Microsoft.
  • Another college dropout, Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook.

But in India, being a college dropout isn’t a dreamy prospect.



Guys don’t go with engineering because others have taken when you have zero interest in engineering. My simple suggestions to you is that do what you love, love what you do. 

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  1. What you said is correct but not whole because in engineering colleges there is start with beginning about engineering if student work hard and focus on there studies they must get success

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