Apps and Tips To Detect Fake Account On Facebook

On 4 February Facebook was founded. This year Facebook is celebrating its 11th birthday. Few days ago, Facebook has given data to SEC ( American Security & Exchange Commission ) that On Facebook there may be Around 10 crore Duplicate/Fake accounts. Today we’ll talk about some ways to detect a Fake Facebook account.

According to reports by Dainik Bhaskar, Daily 5 Lakh or more peoples try to hack the Facebook accounts, but because of high security, they didn’t got successful. Facebook has said that, They’ll give $500 to people who will find a Bug in Facebook. Below are some tips & tricks you can follow.

#1. Fake Off App

Its very easy to use fakeoff app, Just go to Site and Click on “Connect with Facebook Button” and Follow the instructions and then it ask you to select the suspect, select it and then you need to follow the instructions.

#2. Search The Profile picture on Google

Its not 100% sure that, if a user is having its own profile photo is real account. To get started in this step, we’ll search the user’s photo on Google, If there are too many photos, then the account is Fake. Below are some screenshots that’ll help you.

Choose any profile picture >> Take your mouse over the profile photo >> Click Right button of mouse >> Choose Search Google For This Image

Search facebook profile pic on  Google

#3. Email Search On Various Sites

  • If you think a account is fake, then you should talk to him/her and ask for their email address. After you find the email, search it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Flickr and other social sites. You can use Social Searcher Free tool.
  • Use the Facebook Graph Feature
  • Don’t Accept requests which have a Celebrity Photo, 90% profiles with celebrity photo are Fake
  • Don’t Talk a Lot with unknown Persons

Social Searcher

#4. Check Birthday and Read Profile Info CareFully

Most of the real peoples always put their real date of birth on Facebook and you can take advantage of this to find out is a profile is fake or not? Most Fake accounts have  a common Date of birth Eg. 1/1/1990 or 31/12/1990.

You should read the about info of Facebook profile. If the info looks suspicious then you should consider blocking that person.

#5. Use Tools Like Pipl and SpoKeo

If none of the tricks above works then you should try to search the people on websites like Pipl and Spokeo. These services uses the reverse lookup. They have a huge collection of Names, Emails, Blogs, news articles, crimal records and then they shows you the data.

Its easy to use, Go to any of the site >> Enter the Name/Email/Location (any one of them) >> Hit Enter


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