How To Create Custom Newsfeed For Facebook Profile

Facebook is now becoming boring, and more boring because of unwanted posts in our newsfeed.Before i used to have 200 friends and now i have 2000. Sometimes You’re  liking unwanted pages and that makes you more hard to find your friends posts. In This guide i will guide describe you an short and simple tutorial for creating your personal newsfeed, no apps required and you can access it anytime. You can also use the privacy options eg. ( Sharing with public, friends, or private)

Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5

Steps For Creating Your Personalized News Feed:

1. Go to Interests page and create a new list, now a popup will open, choose your favourite pages, freinds and them.

2. Click on “Next” and give a name to your list, its easy even a child can do this.

3. Now your news feed is ready, add them whose posts you wanna see in that list.

free casino downloads and play free Adding Peoples and pages directly by visiting on their profile

This will be helpful, because adding friends directly from their profile is easy, So just go to the users profile and in the side there’s an Gear button, press that, You’ll get add to interest list options, see the image below for help.gadgetninja_addtolist

This is an simple and working way for adding your personal’s in your newsfeed. You can check your interest list anytime by going to your newsfeed and select the left side option.You can also follow my list i created.

Why user’s aren’t interested in Facebook anymore?

Facebook is an simple and faster way to connect but as much as the number of users of facebook are increasing, the number of problems are increasing. Now i gets 500+ freind request, i don’t even know them. Peoples are migrating to other social sites like twitter.

Hope this tutorial will help you.

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