How To Cancel a Friend Request On Facebook

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Facebook is world’s largest social networking site with over millions of users. Do you know that the total population of Facebook is equal to the total population of united states. In this guide we’ll talk about how to cancel friend requests on Facebook. We’ll also talk about how to remove or cancel friend Request on Facebook.

When we send friend request to a person, the person may accept it, reject it or he/she will not take any action regarding your friend request. The Facebook blocks your friend request for temporarily when you send requests to unknown peoples, to those peoples whom you do not know. The temporary block occurs when any person on Facebook “Ignores” your friend request, but if person takes no action regarding the request then no action will be taken by Facebook regarding your account or temporary blockage.

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The activity log was introduced around a year ago, which collects all your activity that you do on Facebook. Let’s take an example, you liked “Barack Obama’s” Photo, then this activity will be added to your activity log. In the same way if you liked your Friends status, then the activity log will be updated. To checkout your activity log Go to your Facebook profile –> On the Right Side You’ll find a button with anchor text “Activity Log”. Just click that link and there you’ll find the activity that you have done within your Facebook profile. So without taking your more time, let’s begin the process.

Canceling Friend Request On Facebook (Received Requests)

Received requests are those requests which a Facebook user sends to another Facebook user so that he/she can make relationships on Facebook. The relation ship can be like Friend, Family member, Girlfriend, Married etc. Below is the process, you can follow.

Step #1. Open your Facebook Timeline or News feed, it doesn’t matters at all you can get started with any page.

Facebook Friend Request

Step #2. In the above image as you can see that there are 24 friend requests which i have received. Now click on the Image which has a number of “24”.  After you click you’ll see the names of the person which want you to be a friend.

Accepting Freind Requests In facebook

Step #3. In the above image as you can see that there are many pending friend requests. On the right hand side of each name, there are two options, the one is “Confirm” and other one is “Delete Request”. You need to choose one of them, the confirm button will make the person a friend on Facebook and the delete button will cancel the friend request, simply you denied the friend request.

Cancel Friend Request Which You Have Sent

On Facebook, we have a option to send friend request to any user. After we sent the request, the next person will receive it, either he’ll confirm it or if he don’t know you, he’ll simply cancel your request. Below is the procedure to cancel a sent friend request.

Step #1. To get started, first of all open your Facebook timeline. After you open the timeline, you’ll find a Button on the right hand side over your cover photo. The image below describes what i’m trying to say.

Activity Log On Facebook

Step #2. Now click on the “View Activity Log”, after you click you can find the requests you have sent, the number of posts you have liked, which posts you have liked, on which sites you commented with your Facebook profile. Below is the image of activity log of my Facebook account.

Activity Log

Step #3. Now In the below image you can see arun sent jass atwal a friend request. Now just click on jass atwal’s link, open his account and now we’ll cancel the friend request.

Cancel Friend Request On Facebook

Step #4. Now in the above screenshot you can see a option with link “Cancel request”, hit the button and it’ll ask you to confirm, just confirm and your friend request will be cancelled. This is an easy way to do.


Friend requests are normal on Facebook but sometime they may be too much annoying. Before 2-3 years ago peoples on Facebook use to have 4 to 5 friend requests of those whom they know, but now we’re getting requests of unknown persons. This looks too much annoying. For this i will suggest you to go to your settings -> and choose you can send you friend request, anyone or friends or friends or no one.

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