How To Disable Tagging In Facebook Timeline

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Many people tag in their photos for getting more likes on Facebook, but sometimes they become too much irritating and annoying. A clean Facebook timeline looks much better than a messy Facebook timeline with tagged posts. In this guide we’ll talk about disabling timeline tagging. After disabling the tagging, people’s will be able to tag you in their photos but the posts will not be shown on your timeline. Every time a user tags you in a photo, status, then you will be asked to review the post, and then its all upon you. If you think the post may be related to you then allow it, either don’t allow it on your timeline.

Say Good Bye To Annoying Facebook Tags

#1. First of all open settings in your Facebook account. After you do this, on the left hand side you’ll get a set of options, click on the Timeline and Tagging Option.

Timeline and tagging


#2. Now, In the timeline and tagging option, you’ll get 3 to 4 more options. So now let’s focus on those options first.

– Who can add things to my Timeline -> Who can post on your timeline -> Only me

– Review posts option, Make it On. With this feature, you’ll get notification to allow the post or not to allow the post in which your friends have tagged you.

– Who can see things on my timeline: Make it only me, with this feature you can choose who can see what others have posted on your timeline. So it’s better to make it private. It depends on you, either you can make it only me or friends of friends or only friends.

– Next options is for Managing tags, For review tags, Make it On. For audience, make it only me and for the last option who can see tags, make it No one.

To make everything more easier below is the screenshot of my Facebook timeline and tagging settings, just make your settings like mine one.

Timeline and tagging settings
Timeline and tagging settings: For Desktop Users

The same settings applies for mobile phone/smart phone users, Below is a screenshot for them.

Timeline and tagging settings for Mobile users
Timeline and tagging settings for Mobile users


The tagging on Facebook was announced as a +ve feature for that users can tag their friends who were with them in that moment, but nowadays this feature is just used to get likes on photos, statuses, its better to get 5 likes instead of tagging 100 people’s for just 50 likes.

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