How To Get a Verified Badge For a Facebook Account?

Facebook has recently started verifying facebook account and profiles. They add a circle type blue coloured button on your profile near your name. The verified account shows that a person behind that page of profiles is real and that’s not a fake profile. This also helps facebook to sort out the fake profiles from their database.

Amitabh bachchan on Facebook

Due to a large number of active users and less number of employees facebook taking some time to verify the profiles. They often verify only those accounts which are famous in our country for example -> Actors, anchors, TV shows, cricketers, businessman etc.

According to facebook, source You can’t request to get verified. Facebook team will manually look into your profile and they’ll only verify then. There’s no way to contact them, as facebook is a free service. If you’re famous or well known figure, then read the tips below to get Verified Fastly. Tips For Account Verification:

1. Complete about info of your account and page.

2. Link your website with your facebook pages and accounts.

3. Add verified email that represents your website for example (

4. Don’t post terms abiding status (ex. wrong things about politicians, or por*ographic status or photos).

5. Try to report the fake pages which impersonate you.

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