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Facebook fake likes

victor chandler live casino Facebook has today more than 900 million users from the whole world and the total population of Facebook is equaled to the total population of United states. Recently in an article of BBC facebook said that they sue a fake like a scammer for 1.3 Billion,  We’ll that’s a huge amount of money. Now the person was selling likes on facebook. Do you want to stop autoliker on your profle? then this guide will help you

A question arises how they sell the fake likes? There are many spam auto liker sites,  they steal the access tokens of Facebook users and they use it to publish likes on other people status and photos. The likes are published using the Facebook Graph API’s. To more about the Graph API,  checkout this Article.

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Many people’s uses these spam sites to get likes, but they don’t know the harm of using these sites.  These spam sites  also uses your access tokens to publish likes on harassment posts,  abuses and on facebook pages.  We recommend you Not to use these spam auto likes. They also share spam posts on the user profiles.

Steps to Stop auto liker on Facebook Profile

To stop facebook autoliker on your profile, first of all, how to buy Adobe Photoshop LightRoom 3 change your password and then remove Spotify, sony Xperia and skype app. These are the app which are used to publish likes on your profile, because the access token has been generated through these apps, so removing/ disallowing access can solve the issue.

Identifying Fake Likes On Facebook Posts

  • If you see Any status with 2000 to 5000 likes within a minute and you feel that these are not real, so you can find that these are fake or not.
  • Choose any status which has many numbers of likes,  now click on the user who liked that status.
  • If you see many peoples from Indonesia,  Turkey,  and many peoples with Unusual names then those likes are fake. Have a look at the below screenshot.

Percentage of Users who Gain Fake Likes

  1. Indonesia –  21%
  2. Turkey – 10%
  3. India –  7%
  4. Morocco –  5%
  5. Columbia –  4%
  6. Pakisatan –  8%
  7. Egypt –  3%
  8. Bangladesh –  4%
  9. Ireland –  3%

The users are continually increasing but facebook will soon close these fake like sites,  recently facebook has updated the Graph API and now they have said that if an app doesn’t update it to the new Graph v2.1 then the app will automatically updated to the new version and all spam autolikes will stop working.

Facebook likes or followers doesn’t show up your personality.


Facebook is trying their best to stop these scams, they have also said this in a recent help article about the access token theft.  Beware of these sites. They also use your account for publishing likes on others facebook accounts. If you are using these sites then change your Facebook password and also remove then unwanted apps from your Facebook account,  after this other sites will not be able to control your accounts. You can create your own newsfeed for better use of facebook and get rid of annoying posts.

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