How To Read a Facebook Message Without Opening It?

Facebook is an largest social networking site with over 900 million users (approx). As much as internet users are increasing facebook users are increasing too. Everyone is now joining facebook our sister, friends, mother, father everyone because its easy to use, accessible on any phone and better way to connect, but When someone sends us too many messages on facebook, annoys us but we can’t block or say them directly because they are our relative, family members or any girl.

Now we’re going to read a facebook message without opening it, simply we’re going to make someone fool. Let’s proceed.

#1. Open your facebook profile

#2. Click on that messages icon.

#3. Now Open that message and read it fast.

#4. Again Click on that Messages icon.

#5. There you’ll Find a Circle, click on that and mark that message as unseen.











Its done. Its quite easy isn’t that? Facebook will show that user that message as unseen. This trick works only with the personal profile, i haven’t tried it with the pages.

If someone is annoying you too much and you don’t wanna block him, then Put his messages in Archived or Other Inbox. That person will be able to send you messages but you’ll not get that directly to your inbox, find that in the archived folder. (Find here) (For Mobile users).

Hope this will help you. Good luck.

Author: Viral In India

This post was written by Gadget Ninja Staff.