How to Trace or Track a Facebook IP Address

Summary: Here i wrote the best steps to trace the IP Address of any Facebook profile. These looks quite weired but they really works and these methods will help you to find the person behind the fake Facebook profile.

Fake profile and fraud are increasing too much. Peoples create Facebook account, actually they don’t create Facebook profile they create a fake Facebook profile and keep making others fool. Imagine if someone hacked your personal account then what? Most of the Peoples don’t go to police they just leave that account and creates a new one. You should file a complaint if someone hacks your profile.

In this guide i will explain you how to trace any Facebook user ip, the ip will give you the place and you can caught that hacker red handed. Below are the steps you can follow. Before we start you need to call that hacker on chat. I mean, the person who is using your profile.

Steps To Trace a Facebook User IP

click #1. Create a new Facebook account with unknown or new name (Don’t use real name) and send friend request to the hacked profile. The hacked profile will surely accept your request because everyone is interested in others privacy. If that hacker don’t accepts Hit him a message, like “please accept my request”.

Trace facebook user ip #2. After that guy accepts your request, just close all tabs, clear your cache and history. Don’t close Facebook tab. Only Facebook tab will be there in the browser.

#3. Open Run, Windows 7 users can directly search Run from the windows menu. In that run bar, Enter cmd and hit enter.

#4. Now enter the below command in the command prompt.

                                                                netstat -an

Trace ip address fb

#5. Copy the IP Address and Go here ( Enter the IP and trace it. This will show you the location of the IP you tried to find. May be you’ll also get map of that specific place.

Tip: If the netstat command gives you too many IP addresses, logout of Facebook and close your browser window. Execute the netstat command and jot down the IP addresses that seem. Repeat the processes of opening the Facebook message and then running netstat again. This can be useful. But i will recommend you file a complain if someone hacks your profile.

Before you make friends on any chatting sites, find full info of that user, Try this website for finding the details of any user, This collects all the data of a specific keyword and shows you results from all the social sites including Facebook, twitter, google+.

Method #2

If you can’t trace him/her’s IP then there one more way to find more details about that person who is annoying you on facebook. Now see, if a person uses facebook then he/she will also use some other sites and simply we’ll find his/her’s email address for finding more details.

To find the email of a unknown person, just checkout the steps.

#1. Search the name of that person on google, twitter and google plus.

#2. Find sender’s location, for that say that guy to email you and then when he’ll email you, open it and in header it’ll say like Received From.

After you click on Show original, you’ll get a Source page like below find the IP in that page.

Try to search on all the other social networks and google it too, and if someone has hacked your gmail account then follow these steps. Good luck.


If someone is cheating you on Facebook or on other social networking sites then i will suggest you to leave that person or to complain it near the police station. These persons can even harm you physically so its good to be aware. Because we’re Afraid off, for what we are not awared about.

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