Convert Facebook Profile Into Business Page

Facebook has a migration feature that allows their users to migrate from profile to business pages. Your personal profile be a page, all the followers and friends will be your likers. When you migrate a profile, your main profile will be deleted and a new dashboard will be created, in that dashboard you can manage your pages. There will your old created pages and the new profiled page which is merged. The username of your account will be the same and that cannot be changed. Facebook automatically transfers your profile picture to the new the page  and the name associated with your personal account will become your Page’s name. If you want your Page to have a different name, consider creating a new one.

Converting Your Profile into Page

In the migration process, only your name, profile pic, username and followers will be migrated. Always remember, your other data will not be migrated. so before we start let’s make some backup. 1. Download a copy of your Facebook account, Go to Settings and their you’ll find a download data link. For more info check out this link.
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2. Now, Let’s proceed,  Click  here  When you’re ready, start converting your personal account to a Facebook Page.

Convert facebook profile to page

For this merging system, Facebook said

Merging Pages combines all your likes and check-ins, but all other content from the Page with fewer likes, such as wall posts and photos, will be permanently deleted. The Page with fewer likes will be removed from Facebook and you will not be able to unmerge it.

Ok, so that’s an easy process, isn’t that?

Some more Info about Facebook Merging

Now, all your friends have become fans of your business page. You can advertise your page, invite your email contacts to become fans of your page, and view your page analytics. As a page, you can also add page admins so that multiple users can have the authority to post on your page on your behalf.

With the tool, Facebook’s prime target appears to be businesses and public figures that have previously set up a profile instead of a page. Beyond having a somewhat different feature set, profiles also have a 5,000 friend limit that has become a limitation for some popular entities.

This is very useful tool only for those who really are annoyed from thousands of friend request, i also converted my one profile and that irreversible so I lasted lots of followers and friends. Now I can’t talk with them on message, i created a new profile and now enjoying.

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