How To Make Fake News For Pranks?

We all love pranks and news is a superb way to make someone fool, because everyone believes on newspapers and TV Channels, they can’t be wrong, our mind is set for this. These pranks really works. In this tutoriali will tell you how you can create your own fake news. There are somereputative news websites which allows you to make fake news, and in return they earn money by putting ads on those pages.

1. Newspaper Generator

Cheap Price Corel WordPerfect Office X7 Professional Edition Go to This website and there you’ll get forms to fill about your joke. First of all enter the title of your joke, make the title attractive because that’s the only thing which will attract a person. The sunday times news only works good with the Link types. That’s very easy, isn’t this?

2. Fake Newspaper Clippings

see When you are bored by posting links and making other pranked then you can try to make them fool by showing the newspaper clippings which are fake. Go to and enter the name of the news paper, then enter the date, headline and then enter the story. They also offers more type of animation like the ninja gif’s and the fake cigarette packets. I also created a fake newspaper clipping, see below.

3. Fake Article Generator

Noob, an indian website allows you to create fake news articles for fun. These looks like the full size and colourful and may be these will prank your friends for sure. That’s very easy all they need is a Facebook ID, so on the Facebook ID place enter your Facebook username, like so only enter mishraindia. That’s easy.

4. Fake a Wish

Fake a wish is a hilarious website for fake news articles. Just enter your name, male female, date and go. There are many categories and topics you can work on. These all sites are free.

5. Funny Newspaper Generator

The funny newspaper allows you to create fake news, its similar to the previous one. To get started into this, you need to enter the details in the form, which is available on the bottom of the webpage.

These all website’s are created by their owners, i don’t want to violate anyone’s terms and policies. I also don’t think they’ll violate. This is just a fun. Good luck. hope you’ll enjoy.

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  1. Hello Abhishek, thanks for your the post.Really good post indeed. I am totally agree with your all points. I will follow these steps when i will try this . Keep sharing


  2. Hi Abhishek,

    Thanks for the post. Well, Ist April had gone but still I will try to do some silly things with my friends by using above prank sites.

    Sabrez Alam

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