How To Create and Upload a Facebook Profile Video!

Facebook has been working on their Designs and features from some months rapidly and they have also announced some upcoming INSANE features! One of them is the upcoming Facebook Profile Video! Which literally means that  you can add videos in place of a Profile Picture! This feature was introduced with Hi5 and now Facebook adapted the unique feature code! So, Ninjas today I will be guide you through how can you Create and UPLOAD a Facebook Profile Video!Soon, Facebook will let you upload a seven second video as a replacement for your profile picture – which are similar to animated GIFs since the videos loop as you look at profiles. The audio of the video will only play in full-view mode after someone taps on it.

You can upload videos up to 7 seconds long, although the feature is currently limited to Facebook’s mobile iOS app. To get started, launch the Facebook app on your iOS device and tap the More button present in the bar on the foot of your screen. Click on your name and you will be directed to your timeline. Tap on your profile picture to expose yourself to a host of options; two new options now appear on the top, saying “Take a New Profile Video,” and “Upload Video or Photo.”01-video_gifs_final_opt3_large-2

This is a welcome change from static profile photos that sits on top of your basic information details. I believe that this is the biggest change ever since Facebook introduced the Timeline and Cover Photos in September 2011. The profile video feature seemed inevitable since Facebook started letting posters upload animated GIFs back in June. Facebook profile pictures represents what is important in people’s lives so the social network company wants to give users more tools to better express themselves. For example, over 26 million people utilized the “Celebrate Pride” filter tool on Facebook back in June.



Temporary Profile Pictures-

To better help users express themselves, Facebook has also started rolling out a temporary profile picture option. You can upload a temporary profile picture that reverts back to the previous profile picture after a specified time. This feature can come in handy if you want to showcase a milestone like a vacation or upload a Throwback Thursday photo (#tbt). The temporary profile pictures can also be useful for supporting a cause that you feel strongly about such as breast cancer awareness month.


  • To make a profile video from Facebook’s iOS app, tap the More button in the lower-right corner and then tap your name to open your profile page. Tap your profile picture — now centered in the updated design — and then choose either Take a New Profile Video or Upload Video or Photo.
  • Choose the former and you can record a video — including audio — that is 7 seconds or shorter. Choose the latter and you’ll need to select a video that is 7 seconds or less; Facebook does not let you trim a longer video to fit.
  • After taking or uploading a video, you can then select a thumbnail from the video as your profile picture. The picture will show up in Facebook’s news feed. Only when people visit your profile page will they see your video, which helps people add a some flair to their profiles without making Facebook’s newsfeed overly distracting.
  • Elsewhere in the update is new bio field that lets you add a short, 101-character blurb about yourself and featured photos that let you select the five photos that appear on the mobile version of your profile page. Both of these features are available from your profile page on both mobile and desktop platforms.




After previewing the video to ascertain that it is what you want, select the appropriate thumbnail, which will now be your profile photo when the video is not playing.

If you follow these steps properly, the video should now be ready to go live. The profile image will now undergo transformation and turn into a moving image. It will keep playing whenever somebody visits your profile page to learn more about you. The image will keep playing whether the visitor is using the Facebook app on the iOS device or doing so from the official website. Users visiting the page from an Android device are not able to view the short videos now. Other than this, Facebook has also made considerable improvements to the profile page on the Facebook mobile app on iOS. The layout is a lot more pleasing to the eye as it continues to present your personal information in a better way. A bigger profile picture box now appears on the profile page. The setting has also been changed as it now lies in a more central position. So what’s the wait ? Go and upload your Profile Video!

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