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We all know about the google webmaster “fetch as google” tool, this is a very useful tool for indexing your content in google faster. Imagine if you want to fetch 500 blog posts, then for sure it’ll take a lot of time. To make it easy we’ll use a simple method. My friend Muhammad Hassan, From pakistan, the founder of a famous and useful blog called Exe Ideas. He uses this method and now he has 1500+ posts.

Instead of fetching of all posts specifically, Simply we’ll fetch our XML sitemap instead of fetching all blog posts. If you don’t have a sitemap, then create one. I will recommend the Google Sitemap generator.

#1. Login to your google webmasters account.

#2. Click on Crawl and then fetch as google.

#3. In the box where you need to enter the page URL, enter the XML sitemap URL. For example if i want to fetch my site then i will put sitemap.xml in the box and fetch it.

This works because your sitemap has all your articles and when google fetches the sitemap, simply it fetches all the blog posts in your sitemap. I have 3 sitemaps for my site, the first one is for web, the second one is for images and the last one is for mobile. The biggest profit of fetching your sitemap again and again, is that it affects your Alexa rank. Alexa thinks that you are adding fresh content daily but really you are not. Our aim is not make someone fool, i suggests to add awesome and useful contents daily on your site.

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  1. Hi , i am facing issue with my blog from past week. Newer blog posts are not getting indexed. I have submitted Sitemap on Webmaster tools What could be the bug?

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