Easy Steps to Build an eCommerce Website Like Flipkart

With over millions on customers,  flipkart is now India’s largest online shopping site. It was started in 2007. Flipkart generates a yearly revenue of 8000 Crore . Recently Flipkart acquired Myntra for $300 million.  The strategy behind buying Myntra was to get mentioned in the NASDAQ. Company offers all type of goods,  cloths, Gadgets,  and we can say it’s an all in one online shopping site.

Recently on Oct. 6.2014, Flipkart announced a cheap sale for their customers,  they named it The Big Billion Day,  On the big billion day,  flipkart made Rs. 600 Crore in 10 Hours. The website got billions of page views and on 6 Oct. 2014 flipkart got more traffic than Facebook.


Currently flipkart is under top 100 sites of world (Rank #76) and in india it has a rank of #6. In this guide we’ll talking about making a e-commerce website like flipkart.com

The video above explains you how you can make money online, it has some basics of starting a blog that’ll help you to make a eCommerce site. The video is in hindi, so must watch it.

Building a Site Like Flipkart

If you have a business or you are an entrepreneur and want to start your own online shop then you need some of the things discussed below.

#1. Hosting and Domain: Buy a VPS or Dedicated hosting.  The VPS is a virtual private server where your website will be hosted and dedicated hosting is the next level to VPS servers. We need a good quality hosting because it will be able to handle the load of Users. The Flipkart site sometimes goes offline and shows your error message because their servers are not able to handle a huge load.

The servers will be costly. The VPS starts from Rs.5000 per month and it goes up to Rs. 150,000 per month. You can also get a customized servers. There are many hosting companies which provides VPS and dedicated hosting in india. You can try To Google for best hosting in India.              

Get a Good and Powerful hosting from Hostgator, i personally prefer because it’s awesome and cheap so buy it now , currently they are having some offer so buy it now.  

Buy Hosting at Rs.3000 for one year, Click Here                                          

#2. Knowledge Of PHP and MYSQL Databases : For many of you this will be quite tough,  if you don’t have knowledge of php. It’ll be quite problematic to code the site with our own but if you don’t have knowledge of programming languages don’t worry. There are plenty of tools which provides the e-commerce setup. Now the question arises,  if we don’t need the languages the who we need to know php.

The answer is that,  if you want to customize your site,  and the whole site will be coded in html, php,  javascript. With these languages you can easily customize the site and make it according to your dreams. The MYSQL database will save the user information and you can easily edit the data if you have a enough knowledge of database.

#3. Design of Site: The theme of your site matters a lot, so before you publish your site, please choose an amazing them. First impression is the last impression.

Below is website design which looks similar to Flipkart.

Flipkart clone

#4. Platform For Running Site: Well if you have a good amount of money to invest then  I will suggest you to hire and web-developer either you can use the WordPress to make a site like flipkart. Now WordPress is a Blogging platform and it offers plenty of services and there we can also create a eCommerce site.

#5. Adding e-commerce Plugins IN WordPress : There are thousands of WordPress plugins and they all the useful. You can use Wp e-commerce.  The Woo Commerce is a widely used WordPress Plugin. You can download it for free.

#6. Customizations and adding items: After adding the plugin in your WordPress site,  you need to customize it. It’s very easy and you can also buy some premium themes or you can try out some free Woo Commerce theme.  You can add items in your site which you want to sell,  you need upload their photos,  descriptions and everything a user requires.

#7. Payment Gateway : This is the main point,  payment gateway will provide you to make payments directly from your website and then users on your site will be able to  pay your directly using their credit,  debit cards. Companies provides the payment gateway services,  you can contact CCAvenue or Payu.


Making a site like flipkart or Amazon is easy, you can hire a web developer or you can create it using the wordpress plugins. To get traffic on your site you can advertise on Google Adwords. The ecommerce media is continually increasing and if you got a god trust of consumers then you can easily earn a lot of money with your site.

If you want a basic site similar to Flipkart, pay me Rs.20,000 and I will do it for you. you can mail, but I will suggest you to make it by yourself. To start, buy your Web hosting and go ahead

Make social media engagement by sharing using it on social sites like Facebook and Twitter.  I hope this post really helped,  if you have any troubles or need help you can email me or contact me.

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