How To Clean Scratches From Mobile Screen

So you purchased a latest smartphone and you have longer nails, and after a week you got scratches on your mobile screen, now how you’ll remove them? Well, now you don’t need to worry there’s a unique way to remove scratches from your gadgets. These scratches don’t look good, they reduces the quality of your smartphone. The continuous scratches on screen can also damage your screen touch and in result you may cost money for replacement of your gadget screen

Remove Scratch From Your Gadgets 

Before we get started, there are few things we need.
* Water in half cup Royal casino gmbh ansbach * a Clean cloth go here * Eraser ( Pencil Eraser, that we use in studies)
#1. Let’s proceed now, dip the clean cloth in water and clean your mobile screen.
#2. Take the eraser and gently rub it on the scratches. Do it very softly, don’t give load on the screen.
#3. Now, with a dry cloth, clean your mobile screen. You’ll get some changes on the screen.

Prevent Scratches From Mobile

Scratches are not hand made, they are accidental, we can take some precautions and can get rid of these ugly scratches. First of all, go to a mobile shop and say him to cover your mobile screen with a plastic or jelly mobile screen guard. The cost of the screen guard starts from 2$ (Rs.100) to $15 (Rs.1500). There are many type of screen guards, just choose one according to your budget. The another way to protect is to, Don’t put mobile phone and keys, coins in a same pocket. Put mobile in a another pocket and keys or irony materials in another pocket. When you walk the keys and mobile screen rubs and it causes scratches on the mobile phone screen. The third way you can do is, use liquids like Colin, they contain acids, they clean screen but not remove scratches.


Mobile phone screens, laptop screens they are very sensitive, they contain sensors too. So its better to use a protective guard on your gadget screens and use your phones properly. Don’t give to small child’s, they may throw your phone and in result your phone may damage. So, be careful, be safe. I hope this article helped you, if you have any suggestions, do share them comments.

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