Know What Your Browser is Doing When You are Busy In Surfing

When you’re busy in internet surfing, your browser (google chrome) is busy in fetching the needed contents for the website, which you’re surfing. All the activity is capturing in your browser, also chrome keeps the old browsing details. Some of the website’s uses prefetch techniques which loads the page in the browser before you click on the URL.

We can do lots of things with the google chrome like Using Google as an Online Calculator, In this tutorial we’ll talk about the browser’s activity. Let’s start.

#1. Prerender

Prerender tool is mostly used by the website owners to make their site more faster, for that they add a simple tag (we’ll talk about this tag soon) which order’s chrome to load that url before you click on it. For checking which website’s used this system, open the URL below in the address bar of your chrome.


#2. Timeline

The timeline features in the chrome monitors the internet speed, number of bytes sent and received. It displays a graph. Here you can check all the data activity from the time you opened your browser.


#3. Tests

You have experienced many times that a web page doesn’t loads, Test feature is for testing the URL’s which failed to load in your browser, it also finds why the URL was failed. To do this task, open the URL below in your browser.


#4. Cached Data

The cached data play a very important role in your browsing, It saves the data of the website’s you visit. For example – John visited to Facebook first time, at that time Facebook was loaded in 60 seconds but next time it was loaded in 30 seconds. Yes, the browser saves the images, JavaScript, css in the cached data and helps an user to load the data faster. To check which website and what data is saved in your browser, Hit the URL below.


#5. Events

The event feature, let’s you know what data is currently your browser is fetching. These are also called live events.


There are many tools in our browser that are really useful. To make your chrome always perform better, then try to reset the chrome settings in every week or month, also remove the unwanted and non-used extensions, they make your browser slow and busy.

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