How Mobile Phone Vibration Works? Have you ever noticed how your smartphone vibrates? How it create a buzz-buzz sound from your mobile? I hope most of us didn’t! Sometimes I will try to figure it out such things, on the other hand, I will leave it with the lack of focusing on it! Anyhow yesterday I did a oriented search on this topic and gather lots of information about the mobile vibrations. Many people will be thinking it got some spring inside! Maybe or not! But the whole time I spent on this part was really great! I want you guys to be aware of such silly technical operation which happens in our gadgets. Don’t worry! I won’t ask you to search it again in Google 😛

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Here this post it’s totally about the mechanism which used for vibrating the smartphones in no time! Hope you enjoy it 😀

As everyone aware, smartphones are taking us to next dimensions! And it made us carry everywhere we go and it has been stuck with us like skin and nail! Hope I’m right! We won’t leave our mobile in our home while we are hanging out! It is just like a personal partner for all of us! Okay, I’m not taking some lecture about smartphones! Let me straight forward to my point about this vibration stuff.

All the smartphones are made to vibrate by a very small electric motor.The size of that will be so small which eccentrically mounted on the shaft with some weight over it. This small motor is one among many tiny components inside the phone. The motor is built in such a way that it is partially off-balanced weight. So if it rotates, then results in vibration due to irregular weight. Hope you got it!

In short, when the motor rotates due to its unbalanced weight makes the smartphone vibrate! The same thing happens in Washing machine! And there are many types of vibrating motors used in mobiles. They are really smaller which sized under 1 mm in diameter.


Whenever you want the phone to vibrate, then the motor rotates with users sense specs. The same small electric motor, with low weight, used on vibrating toothbrushes! They are really very cheap in price and more useful in another hand too! If you wish, with your own risk you can remove your back panel of mobile to check the vibration motor. And these motors varies with size too from a nanometer to a millimeter. They are designed for mobile phones for vibration options. Along with that, it got many applications which include BEAM robotics, PDA, Data transponder, Phone developments, portable medical instruments and lot more!

You can much more about its working on YouTube by showing how the tiny motors look like, in mobiles, vibrating toothbrush and on other gadgets too! I have added one video down below about its working! Do check it hope you will love it!

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