How To Watch Aaj Tak Live Streaming

There are now more than 600+ news channels in the Indian television industry and around 300 are registered news channels, the competition has increased and new channels are covering the market. Media is now also getting much news from bloggers and other online websites.

According to Wikipedia, Aaj Tak channel has won the Indian television academy award and it’s successfully running from the last 13 years. The best anchors of Aaj Tak are Punya prasoon bajpeye, Sweta Singh, Shweta Jha, AnjAaj_Tak_logoana Om Kashyap and Sayeed Ansari (Awarded with longest speaking on TV). The slogan of Aaj Tak is Sabse Tez.

Now there more than 500+ channels on the Indian television and around 150 of them are new channels, but most of use have subscribed to the top news channels like Aaj Tak, ABP News, India TV, CNBC Awaaz, Times Now etc. But we don’t get time to watch the news nowadays because we mostly spend our time on the internet. To see your favorite channels live on the internet there are android apps, iOS apps and even you can see them live on YouTube Also.
In this guide, I will be tell telling you the best ways to watch Aaj Tak Live on your computer or Mobile. More than 60% internet users uses mobile phone to watch live news and around 40% watch it live on YouTube or on India Today Website

There are various android Applications and online platforms to watch live TV. Below are the best ways to watch live Aaj Tak and other news channels like ABP news or Times Now.

#1.Watch Aaj Tak Live On YouTube: India today group and Aaj Tak has a YouTube channel where they broadcast the live TV. It can view by going to their official YouTube channel. Around 7 million peoples from the world has watched Aaj Tak live on YouTube and in the night around 2000 peoples watch it live on YouTube. To watch live Aaj Tak channel on YouTube then just the Link -> Click Here to Watch Aaj Tak Live (All India Coverage) Aaj Tak Delhi. Just go their YouTube Channel and you’ll find the “Live” red colored text, just open that video and you can watch it live.

There are some limitations of watching live TV like you can not forward or rewind the video because its streamed live. The one thing is quality if you have a slow internet connection then change the quality of video and play it in 240p mode.

#2. India Today Website: If YouTube is not accessible in School, college, office or even in other countries you can try the official India today website Checkout this link to watch Aaj Tak on India today website Live, click here.

#3. Make Live TV Streaming with Android Apps On Mobile: Android is the most used operating system in mobile phones and there are around 500,000 apps on the Google play store. I have collected some of the best android apps that can make live TV streaming on mobile phones.

  • Netflix: The Netflix is the most popular android app for making live tv streaming on mobile. This application has been downloaded by more than 10 million peoples. The can be downloaded free from the play store but you need to pay some money to become an active user.
  • Yupp Mobile App: The Yupp mobile app allows to watch all the Indian TV channels live on the smartphone. You need to have 3G/WiFi connection to watch live TV without buffering. You need android 2.3 or higher to use this App.
  • IMDB Movies and TV: The IMDB app is created by the IMDB, you can watch the movie trailers and the latest movies and your favorite TV shows on your mobile phone.
  • AajTak Android App: To get latest news headlines you can also install the official Aaj Tak app. The app provides the latest news from India and its in The Hindi language. The app has been downloaded by 1 lakh peoples and around 23,000 peoples have voted it too.
Indian Television and media have played an important role in our life and mostly the media. Mobiles are the best ways to connect with Media is a mobile phone. You can like Facebook pages of news channels to get always updated with latest headlines. I hope this article helped you to watch the Live TV on the internet, if you still having trouble, go ahead and post your queries in the comment section below. Good luck.

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