4 Ways For Remembering Everything You Read

You go to your school, you write, you read but when you come back to your home you didn’t remember what you have learned in the school or college. Life will be awesome if we remember all those things that we have read or learned. The biggest problem is our Education system

  • a engineering student is still reading a book which was published in 2000.
  • we think that learning the topics before one day of exam will help you to qualify exam.
  • Not attending the school/colleges daily, because we think School mein Padhai Kahan Hoti Hai” 

In MIT, many professors conducted a survey in which they asked some questions to students, The first question that professors asked was How many of you want to become successful? All the students who were sitting in the auditorium raised their hands. Everyone wants to be a successful person. Then professor asked what are some things you need to become successful? Students answered the following things

  • Hard work
  • Good health
  • focus
  • Imagination
  • Luck

BUT Nobody answered “Studies” Someone want to become a successful doctor, someone want to become a successful engineer, someone want to become a successful astronaut but Nobody wants to study, they want everything without studies, do you want to know why? Because studies requires hard work, patience, focus, imagination.

Let’s cut through that lore and here are some strategies for becoming a good learner. We’re going to discuss 4 Points in this guide.

  1. Force yourself to recall a Fact
  2. Don’t Fall For Fluency
  3. Connect New Things to Old Things
  4. Look Back Helps

Recall a Fact

Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/36134041@N04/3340611042/sizes/z/
Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/36134041@N04/3340611042/sizes/z/

When you Force your mind to recall a fact, your mind will forcefully supply you the answer in any way. This is what happens. When you every time recall a fact, days after days your mind will start becoming sharper and better.

Let’s take a example that you forgot what happened in your last class lecture then, just try to recall some facts which happened with you in past. When i was reading a post on Business Insider, I found one website link that really helps you to recall a fact.

Flashcards are really useful, as they’ll force you to give/supply answer, here how to create flashcards on cram.com?

First click on Create Flash Cards >> Type the text for the front of your flashcard >> Add images >> Choose Your Language. If this doesn’t help, go checkout this help tutorial on cram.

Don’t Fall for Fluency

Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/112603993@N07/
Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/112603993@N07/

Okay, when you are reading something boring but the English is easy? so starts speeding yourself and you experiences fluency.

Okay let’s take an example now, Imagine you are going pick a flight from the Indra Gandhi Airport, you See the Monitor and you finds that the terminal Gate number is I22 you says oh! I22  its easy to remember , you starts moving towards the I22 terminal, then your phone rings, you talk for around 5 minutes then you asks yourself where i’m going.

That’s what happens, don’t rush, If you keep remembering Its I22, Its I22 then you’ll be on your spot.

Connect New Things to Old Things

source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jexca/3689059455/sizes/z/
source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jexca/3689059455/sizes/z/

Connections are really important in life. You can connect the new things with the old things and will help you to remember everything you read or learn.

When you type on your keyboard, you are easily able to type because your mind is connecting old type strokes to new one. Steve Jobs also says that connecting all dots of old life and making a new path.

Another example of connecting new things with old is weaving a cloth, you weave is easily because of your old knowledge.

Look Back Helps


When you go to sleep daily on your bed, give 10 minutes at least on looking back. Now to explain this point, read the point below.

Whenever you go to sleep, always try to remember the things that you studies in your class, that you learned in your class and it’ll help you to learn the things easily.

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