How to Edit PDF Files without Adobe Acrobat

Everyone knows about the PDF file format which is one an essential file format used for sharing documents. It was first created by Adobe and day by day the demand over all documents increased. And now PDF file format is so popular which are smaller in size. You got lots of advantage over using a PDF file. One of the best things, PDF file content cannot be modified by strangers and you can easily prevent them by copying or taking print outs! Every college students, bloggers, business owners to use the PDF file to transmit large documents. If you want to share your documents with more confidential then you should go with such document formats. This can assure 99% secure sharing!

But if you’re trying to edit a PDF you should be more cautious. Because if somethings went wrong then it may lead to damage your file itself. To be frank, you will face lots of issues while editing PDF files. There are many available tools for editing PDF’s files both paid and freeware. Most online PDF editors are very easy to work on it! If you have some good skills in editing documents, then it can easily do!

If you are looking for some guiding posts on editing a PDF file then here, I suggest you to check down below. As our post title resembles, Editing PDF files without using Adobe Acrobat which is a paid tool from Adobe. So as I’ve promised, I’m going to share the best methods to edit PDF files in no time!


Basically for editing PDF files you can use 2 ways! Just converting your PDF file to another format or by editing it directly. I prefer the second option because it will be more convenient for everyone. So here I have listed some best PDF editing methods. Do check it out all!

For converting your PDF files into other documents go to Then just upload your PDF file and choose which DOC format you need to be converted. Then share your email address with them and click the Convert button. That’s it!

1. Using Online PDF Editors

As I mentioned above, there are plenty of online apps for editing your PDF files. The best tool will be PDF Escape which is a freeware and it allows users to edit password protected files too! For editing PDF files here, you don’t need any whiteout tools or anything. Just with this tool you can add annotations of arrows, text boxes and some comments too. And another thing, you can add hyperlinks to your files directly. If you don’t like this tool interface, then just Google it! You will get more!

2. For editing Text in PDF files

Want to edit a large amount of text in your PDF file? Then the best option is to convert your PDF file into some text documents and editing in Microsoft Office or Google Docs. And after editing it you can convert it back to its original state. And for converting your PDF files there are many tools easily available for you guys!

Just try the online PDF to Word Convertor NitroPDF which is one the best online PDF converter tool. This tool is available for your desktop too! I’m always suggesting you if you have more things to be edited then do with this conversion method. For simple text editing in your PDF file, do with such tool for saving your precious time!

3. For Editing your PDF file Title, Author, Keyword….

These things are more confidential and its just like to be editing meta-data associated with your PDF file document. For such things visit Becy PDF Meta Edit tool. It’s free of cost utility which allows users to edit details like PDF documents title, creation date, keywords, title, author name and other sorts of information which are more essential.
Best thing, if you want to encrypt your PDF file documents then use this tool for best results! And while editing you can update information in multiple PDF files in a row! So it saves your time too!

4. For Editing both Text & Images, etc…

If you want to replace images on a PDF file, editing texts, signatures, removing blocks or adding breaks flow of the documents anything. For all such stuff, just use these basic tools which are totally available for free.

Inkscape is a free tool which just works similar to Adobe Illustrator and it’s a free vector drawing tool. This tool allows you to import and export PDF content by editing it easily!

Then you have the PDF XChange tool which is just a PDF viewer which allows you to edit text directly. It also supports image stamps which are used for adding images anywhere on your PDF file.

Just check OpenOffice Toolbox too! This utility tool supports all such things and it works perfectly for adding annotations, images, tables, shapes and charts. This is just like the PDF Escape just here you will find lots of advanced option which you can’t tweak there!

Do you any other best PDF Editing tools? Did I miss any PDF editing tools? Do share it in the comments below! These tools can help you to get rid of all paid PDF editing tools especially Adobe Acrobat!

Hope you all have edited all your PDF contents in no time by using these awesome online tools! And if you have any queries, then please be frank to share with us! If you feel this content is much informative for you, then kindly share this post on social networking sites.

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