How to Increase My Internet Speed

Internet has became an important part of our life, shopping, gossiping, social networking, micro blogging, earning money everything now on internet, we spend our whole day on internet, but our day becomes hard when we have have a slow internet connection, we can’t browse Facebook, twitter, Google and other important sites like eBay and news sites.

In this article i will try to explain you how you can increase your internet speed on your computer or in simple browsing heavy sites on slow connections. I personally had faced this problem, so i’m giving you advice of a experienced expert. I am telling you some points which can boost up your internet speed on your internet connection.

Why Does Many Websites Takes a Lot Of Time To Load?

Websites Like eBay, Facebook, twitter, Google are developed by great programmers in such a manner that they can’t be copied, they can be easily understandable by users and visitors, they should be easy to navigate, To make these all things possible the coders add various JavaScript, CSS (Cascaded style sheets) – Use to make a website beautiful, and many other high quality images which are attached in CSS, means whenever the site will load, server will automatically load the css files along with the high quality images which are attached in the files, and this makes your internet slow. If your internet connection is giving speed of around 15 Kb/S then don’t worry below are some tips which can improve your

1. Browse Important Websites On Mobiles Versions:

Big, famous and useful websites has there mobile friendly website versions, we’re going to use those website versions for browsing heavy sites. Most of the useful websites have mobile versions which can be accessed by computer too. Here are some important website, which i regularly visit daily or in ours.

Facebook Mobile:

Twitter Mobile:


eBay Mobile:

YouTube On Mobile (Third Party site), no login required:

Gmail For Slow Connections:

See, For browsing gmail on slow connections, here’s what to do, log in to your gmail account and be attentive when you click the sigin button, when your sign-in starts you’ll get a page like this below image

Gmail For Slow Connections, Click the Load Basic HTML Link

2. Disable Images, and Popups  In Your Browser:

Whenever images are loaded on your computer, they first downloaded in your browser (Hidden) and after they becomes live to you. When you blocks images on your browser, you only gets a raw HTML page, which loads quite a bit faster as compared to the images attached one. Here’s how to disable images in Google chrome:

1. Go to settings > Show Advanced Options.

2. After you click Advanced options you’ll get more options, just choose the first one Content Settings under privacy.

3. Now a popup will open, scroll it and click on Do not show any images and save it.

Now how to disable popups in Google chrome:

4. Scroll more in the same settings explained above, scroll more and click on Do not allow any site to show pop-ups (recommended) and then save the settings, don’t worry about your settings, you can reset them after you got a high speed connection.

3. Disable Your Reserved Bandwidth (Windows Only):

Do you know that your computer eats 20% of your internet speed for updating windows software’s, whenever you connect the internet your computer automatically starts the updates of your software’s without informing you. You can take the example of Microsoft media player, it automatically updates, picasa, McAfee Antivirus for updates. Here’s an video for disabling reserved bandwidth in windows:

4. Use Ad Blocker For Blocking the Ads:

Advertisements also one of the major factor which slows your internet connection, you can disable all the advertisements in your browsers using an ad blocker named chrome extension. Here’s an how to guide for hiding ads in your browser.

5. Use Cache Link:

When searching for web pages on Google, you can click the “Cache” link to view the text version of a web page stored in the Google Cache. Alternatively, install this GM script as it adds a “cached text only” link near every “Cached” link on Google Search pages.

6.Using the Opera Turbo:

If you don’t want to spoil your web surfing experience by stripping images and other graphic elements from  a web page, get Opera Turbo. It will first fetch the requested web page on to its own server and then send it to your machine in a compressed format. Opera Turbo won’t change the layout of a web site but can lower the image resolution so that they load faster on slow Internet.

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