How To Fix Crashed WordPress Theme or Plugin

Summary: In this guide i explained the steps to overcome from a crashed or broken wp site, plugin or theme in easy way without having any wrong effect on search rankings or loosing the traffic.

WordPress is the best blogging platform, it uses PHP language instead of this blogger uses XML. Because WordPress Runs on PHP and most of the Peoples aren’t programmer so they add some wrong codes by editing through file editor and their site goes down. Most of the times we tries to make some better changes in our WordPress site for example: unwanted plugins, adding wrong codes to our sites, These all things downs the WordPress site.

In this how to guide i will explain you the process of fixing a broken WordPress blog. Broken or cashed here refers to like you can’t login to your WordPress dashboard, all the site is showing php errors, plugin broken and other things. This tutorial is a best solution for fixing your crashed site, it can be a crashed plugin or any other thing.

Before we start the process, ready your FTP password and username, the FTP password, username and login link is given to you when you buys the hosting, if you can’t find it, please contact your hosting provider they’ll give you or find it through control panel.

Steps To Fix a Crashed WP Site:

Step #1. Open your phpMyAdmin and Enter your FTP password or username.

phpMyAdmin: Login Dashboard

Step #2. Now, Open your database and Find wp_nvp2anmvzv_options, you can search by pressing CTRL+F and enter “option”.

phpMyAdmin, Find Options Folder
phpMyAdmin, Find Options Folder

Step #3. Now open Options folder and then when it’s opened you’ll see a BROWSE option on the Top, click on that.

Step #4. Now you’ll see site URL, blog description, blog name etc, left them and go at the bottom and choose the page 2.

Choose Page 2

Step #4. After choosing page , you’ll see the in 44 and 45 line, there is template and style sheet option, edit them and change the name of the theme and style sheet and save them. Don’t worry its safe, there will be no harm to your files.

Step #5. After saving, open, and choose a new theme, please don’t choose the old theme in which you tried to make the changes.

Step #6. If you want to use the same theme in which you make the changes, then first go to File editor and remove the changes that you have made then save the file.

How to Avoid WP Crashing:

  • Don’t use unwanted plugins, before you install a plugin, see the ratings and the details.
  • Don’t write wrong codes in your php files, if you don’t know php consult with a knowledgeable person who knows it better.
  • Read reviews before you install a plugin.
  • Check theme properly before you install or activate it.
  • Remove the plugins which you don’t use, sometimes they overwrite the php and .htaccess files.
  • Think twice before making any changes in your .htaccess or security files.


WordPress is an Fully PHP based site, most of the bloggers don’t understand the PHP langauge and coding so its better to donot edit the PHP or HTML files, a single wrong code can break your site and it’ll hard your site ranking.  So guys, This was a short tutorial, hope your site will restore again if you bookmark this webpage, anytime your site goes down you can read this tutorial and repair it. Good luck.

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