Increase Your Website Traffic With These 10 Tips

By Getting traffic on newly website is quite tough but always remember,  the people’s who today gets million hits on their website also started from scratch.  In this guide I am going to tell you the best ways to get traffic on your website.  Believe me these methods will rock you.
Increase your website traffic
First of all let me tell you my own example,  I get 175,000 hits per month on my website and when I started my website there were no visitors,  but then I started my own ways to get the traffic.  Now I have awesome traffic and good earnings from AdSense. Getting traffic is not a big deal,  all you need is a great content.  Always ask yourself,  why some should visit your website? So if you have the answer to this question then just follow the steps below to get traffic on your newly created website,  blog or any Web app.
Getting Traffic On a Newly Created Website.


#1. Platform: Platform means the plot where your website will setup.  If you are going to create a blog,  then for starting I will suggest you to go with blogger,  it’s free and has a simple user interface too.  If you have a Web App,  then go and get a Good server for your app.  To handle the traffic you need a Van or dedicated server,  but because currently you are starting it from scratch you can also take a shared Web hosting.
#2. Design: First impression is the last impression and end well so everything well.  This quote always comes first in mind when we talk about personality of designs.  Design of blog or app must be simple,  attractive and minimalist.  Bloggers can get a simple template or WordPress theme.  I will suggest you to get a colourful template also because it attracts more users.  Use fonts that are good at readability and can load faster because,  no user have the time to wait when he’s already in search of something.
#3. Optimizing Theme/Templates: Not all templates or theme are So friendly but we don’t need to worry we’ll make it So friendly. So,  first thing is always use <h1> Tags for headline your post title must should be in h1 tag.  Next things is to,  Use alt tags with the images,  Use labels, categories because they work as  extra keyword. Remove unwanted widgets,  they are distractions for visitors and readers.  Make it easy as easy possible but not that much easy.  Combine all your CSS files in one file and shift the Java script files in footer,  it’ll increase the load time of website.
#4. Adding Meta Tags: The meta tags play an important rule in getting a good ranking.  Use various meta tags,  like on gadget ninja I use,  Title tag,  description tag,  keywords tag.  You can see the source code of my website to get the list of various and awesome meta tags. These tags tell search engines,  when to crawls, what to crawl and where to crawl. Always remember never use no follow tags,  because it’ll disallow search engines from crawling your website.
#5. XML Sitemaps: The XML site maps are very important in websites because they contain all the posts and once the search engine crawl the site map, they will index all the blog posts under your site map.  Bloggers can add the /atom. XML file and wordpress users can create them by using the various plugin,  you can see my site map here.
#6. Social Sharing Buttons: Social Media play an very important role in getting a bucket of traffic in minutes. A garbage bin website gets around 70,000 hits in a minute room Facebook.  Add simple and attractive social sharing buttons,  like on Gadget Ninja I use two type of social sharing buttons,  the one is for computers and the one is for mobile.  I use free add this buttons,  they float in the left site you can see them if you are from computer and if you are from mobile then you’ll get the social sharing buttons at the end of this post.  WordPress users can use plugin to add buttons and Blogger users can add them manually,  there are many script available online.
#7. Comment and Post On Famous Facebook,  Twitter Accounts: This is a very awesome way to get traffic,  comment on famous Facebook page statuses, photos.  Do you know,  one post of Aaj Tak page has been readed by around 50,000 users and if you commented on any post and your comment got more like then your comment will be on the top so it’ll attract more and more visitors.  You can also post on their Facebook page time line,  it’ll help you to get better seo.
#8. Use IndiBlogger, Blogadda and Quora: Starting it with IndiBlogger,  it’ll not only increase your traffic and reader but will also help in seo, has a high Alexander around 4 Google page rank. It’s free and awesome go there and get a account.  The same happens with Blogadda you can create your account there too.  But Quora is question and answer website,  you can answer the question of users and in simple, manner you’ll increase your blog readers.  An normal Quora question has been viewed by 300+ people’s.
#9. Backlinks: You have listened this world many times,  but to get back link’s write content that can linked,  like codes.  Try to link will better sites like IndiBlogger,  Forbes,  linebacker.  You’ll get better traffic as well as better ranking. Always try to get links with good websites because bad links will harm you a lot.

#10. Content: I talked about everything but where’s content,  Haha!  Don’t worry we are on the point now.,  The content is the biggest king.  Write longer posts with around 1000 words,  share them on Many social sites and don’t forget about Google plus.  Use Headlines in post,  use quotes,  bullets because they creates break,  because Google only see the raw home when they crawl the site and a <li> tag can create a break.  Use at least 1 image with your blog post.  Write it in a easy way,  Write for noobs.


If I tell you in short,  the just make a simple blog with great design,  Write how to article with around thousand words,  because it’ll make more keywords. Use the proper meta tags and use images.  Always give proper keywords and You can use the Google Keyword Planner to check the Competition of keyword.  Always try to write on low Competing keywords,  as your site is new so in few days I will help you. I hope this blog post helped you a lot,  share your view below in comments. Good luck.

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