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Nowadays, many peoples are sharing their summer photos on internet, mostly the peoples from US peoples are sharing their beach photos in bikini. They are good but they have very bad effects on small childrens who are using facebook. Even sometime we report those photos, because they are bold. In this guide, i will tell you best seven ways for sharing summer photographs privately on internet. Without showing you swimsuit bikinis to the whole world. Yes, you can still share those bold selfie photographs with the world.Most of the peoples think that we can only share them on instagram and facebook but no, you can share them via different methods. Below are those methods.

#1. Snapchat

Do you know that more than 500 million photographs are sended by snapchat daily, yes that’s fantastic. The free snapchat application allows us to send many of the photographs privately on the internet. The snapchat application is available for android, ios and windows phone users for free. The problem with snapchat app is the photographs only appears for ten seconds, so the easiest way is to capture the screenshot of those images. Snapchat application can be downloaded on iOS, Android and Windows phone.

#2. iCloud

The iCloud is a apple application for the iOS and apple users, it allows you to send and share your photographs with only selected peoples, you can choose the peoples who will see the photo added by you. This is a apple application so it works with iMac, iPhone and iPhone. The iCloud application comes with the free Five gigabytes of storage. The photo stream allows you to stream around five thousand photographs, to start streaming, go to Preferences >> Click iCloud >> Setup my photo stream, do this from your device or computers.
You know photo app, yes so there click on shared and create a new stream and there you can invite you friends to whom you want to share your photographs.

#3. Text

Texting is one of the best way of sharing images with your personal friends. There many texting applications like the viper, whatsapp, Text plus, line, hike. There are many applications you can search on the internet but this is one of the best way of sharing photos privately. If you know any know good more text applications tell them in comments.

#4. Email

Emailing images is the best method i think so, reason is that its fast and there’s no limit for anything! gmail has a lot of features, outlook, in.com, and many other email providers. If your friend requested your last week’s beach photographs, no worry, go ahead and send them via email. I use a business email professionally and a alternate email for this.

#5. Making instagram private

Yes instagram, the best site for sharing photographs online and the best instagram  filters gives a new look to our photographs. By making the instagram our instagram account private we can share those photos with our friends only, if someone requested to follow us and we know that guy then we can approve him in our instagram photo network. Yes, also do you that there twenty billion daily photo uploaded on instagram.

#6. DropShots

Tons of sites, tons of apps and our easy life. App like Dropshots allows us to send photos privately, they give total control over the albums uploaded by up, we can share them with our friends. You can also import images from instagram on dropshots. There are many customizations, also dropshots have their iOS and android apps, its a free site, you can register here.

#7. Photobucket and Smugmug

The photobucket is a famous tool, all you guy know this site, but do you know that photobucket has a tool that add the passwords to your albums that you have uploaded online. Currently photobucket will display your ads but that’s free, you can hide those ads.
Now, let me tell you something about smugmug, first of all smugmug is a premium service, that website charges $40 per year but they provide awesome features, you can upload photos in bulk and can also add paswords, there.

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