Most Recommended Gaming Systems For Classic Games

Games are one of the important part in entertainments, everyone like playing games on their mobile phones, gaming consoles, computers and on other gaming systems. Most of the gamers thinks of buying PS4, Wii U or X Box One but they don’t buys them because they are expensive. If you the love classic games like mario and zelda then below are some good suggestions from my side.

Mario Kart and Super smash bros

Let’s start with the nintendo games, nintendo video games are one of the best game makers in world they have really created some super awesome games, if you like to play the nintendo games then buy Nintendo Mario Kart and  Super smash bros. These are enough to keep you having fun with your friends for years.

Wii U

If you like to play games like Mario and Zelda then go for the WII U. The Wii U consoles are from 2012 and features a lot of things. The price of Wii u console is Rs.18,000 ( $299 ). The storage is 8GB with the normal console sets and 32GB with the deluxe sets, it also comes with the resistive touchscreen more commonly knows as wii u touchpad. For connectivity it comes with bluetooth and USB 2.0.

Xbox one

XBox One update brings massive changes to Blu-ray playback and activity feed. The Xbox One is a fantastic console, and with a few more updates and games it could become a must-buy for media-savvy gamers. The features i like in this console is that this is fast and powerful and you can easily share video. The only problem with Xbox one is the battery problem with the consolers and if you like playing only Full HD games then some of the third party games are not HD. The price of Xbox one is Rs.26,990 and most of the indian gamers prefer playing games of Xbox or sony PS4.

Sony playstation 4

This is really a super gaming console for gamers because of its great performance, superb graphics and the remote play features. Sony ps4 features 8GB of unified memory and 500GB of hard drive with the SSD support. It comes with the dual shock controllers. PS4 is closer to PC’s graphics. But you can make DLNA streaming in this console. The price of PS4 In india is Rs.39,799.

If you are a huge fan, try collecting the old nintendo consoles. the systems are cheap and the games rock.

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