Recharge Your Smartphone With a Portable Power Plant


I love android operating system, but most of the android smartphones gives very low battery backup because they comes with a lot of pre-installed apps that eats our battery. To get rid of low battery situations, there are few useful devices (Xiaomi MI Power Bank) that can recharge our phone anytime and anywhere. Geek calls it a Pocket sized gas generator. A little device call Kraftwerk is a pocked sized USB charger.

The name Karftwerk is a German electronic music band name. The device once fueled up can charge 11 Apple iPhones. The device small and light weight, even FFA has approved it to carry in air planes also. The best thing i liked about kraftwerk is that, it just charges up in less than 3 seconds. You’ll be ready to go after filling it once for a week.

Karftwerk Powerplant

  • Just plug in, No adapters are required.
  • Easy to connect using a standard USB Connector
  • Non-stop operations possible
  • It can be used anywhere, anywhere means anywhere.
  • Its very small in size
  • It lasts longer

The big merit of Kraftwerk is that, It doesn’t requires and electrical outlet to send power to a connected device. It only needs Bit of Gas in the tank to power up your devices. Its not an bad deal, as the retail price of this Karftwerk is $149, around Rs.9000. Its quite costly in India, because we need to import it to India from USA.Kraftwerk


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